Both children and adults with disabilities can enjoy the benefits of swimming and the healing properties that buoyancy in water offers. Splash About have a range of supportive products to help get the most out of this freedom giving activity.

There are many disabilities and each has its own challenges in water, but there should be no limitation to those who have a physical disability, special educational needs, or other learning impairment that should stop a child or adult enjoying the benefits swimming can offer.

Splash About disability Swimming products are designed to give the greatest freedom of movement to those with bowel incontinence or buoyancy issues.It’s important that children, teenagers and adults feel good about themselves even in the water, so Splash About have designed swim wear that’s fashionable and functional. Incorporating all the safety of the Happy Nappy but so discreetly no one would know.

Older Children and Adults Buoyancy

Whether it be a physical impairment or mental impairment, experts agree that swimming can be a wonderful and relaxing therapy. The Splash About float jacket system, in teen to adult sizing is manufactured with disability in mind. It offers the most flexible buoyancy, meaning that all levels of swimmer can be catered for. From beginners learning about the feel of floating in water or for those that just need a bit of added support, the choice is yours because the jacket allows you to choose your level of buoyancy.

Info for parents and carers

For children that aren’t quite ready, or older children with Bowel weakness, our Board shorts with hidden Nappy and nappy costume for girls are perfect. Children and teens don’t want to be seen as different and these products will allow you greater freedom to go swimming, both in a pool and abroad on holiday. No one needs to know and your child can join in with friends and family without feeling left out.

For schools and charities

We know how hard it is to cater for all levels of disability swimming. But don’t let bowel incontinence stop you taking those children and adults that would benefit from therapy in water. Our bowel incontinence Shorts are manufactured in the same way as the Award winning Happy Nappy and recognized by specialists and experts as the leading swim Nappy in the UK. These well-fitting shorts are designed to hold solids without leaking so children and adults with weak bowel control can still enjoy the water. They are also available as a discreet insert in a Board short and in a girls costume so that children and adults who wish to keep their condition private but still join in with friends and peers are able to do so. Please contact us if you required further information about buying in bulk or to open a trade account. We are also happy to provide you with links to our website for your customers if required.


Whats the difference?

Splash Jammers

The Brand new Splash Jammers incontinence short for adults are designed to give you all the protection of a incontinence swim short but in a stylish and sporty design. Allowing you a to focus on enjoying the water and not worry about faecal accidents.Technically designed to mold to your child’s body and move as they move. The Jammers are secured by a snug, yet comfortable rib at the waist and medical grade silicone at the thigh, making them the most reliable incontinence swim short on the market.Made from super soft neoprene in unisex sporty designs these form fitted incontinence shorts are ideal for those people requiring extra support due to faecal incontinence weakness. Splash Jammers are made to look exactly like normal swimwear meaning no one needs to know and you can simply get on with enjoying all the benefits of swimming with none of the worry of accidents.

Splash Shorts


Splash About is keen for everyone to be able to enjoy the pleasure and benefits of swimming. Anyone who experiences incontinence can now enter the water in complete confidence that the Splash Shorts will stop solid and semi-solid leaks with our special needs version of the Happy Nappy. Our Splash Shorts, made of soft and supple 1mm neoprene are nylon coated and feature a deep nylon/elastane ribbed waist and legs, which must be a snug fit for the wearer to make sure solids are contained within the Splash Shorts. Discreet, comfortable and only a single layer thickness, our Splash Shorts can be used below a swimming costume without contributing any obvious bulk to the outline. Sizes for Splash Shorts are available from the largest of the Happy Nappy size right through to large adult suitable for those who want to swim but until now felt prevented from participating for fear of a toilet accident in the water.

Board Shorts 

Manufactured to the highest standards these great looking and fitting board shorts are perfect for messing about in. With UFP 50+ protection and quick dry fabric for versatile wear in and out of the water, these shorts are a fantastic summer buy. Great value for money and great quality, with mix and match styles across the ranges. Splash About Board Shorts provide plenty of choice and colour whether on the beach, by the pool or messing about in the garden.