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Baby Swimwear Bundles

Our Baby Swimwear bundles have everything you need to take your little one swimming. Including bundles containing the award-winning Happy Nappy, Baby Wetsuits and Splash Jammers. Buy as a bundle and save 10%! 

Happy Nappy™ Bundles

Everything you need for your babies swimming lesson with our best-selling Happy Nappy™. 

Happy Nappy™ Duo Bundles

Our brand new Happy Nappy Duo™ Bundles with all items 10% discount. 

Baby Wetsuit Bundles

Our range of Baby Wetsuits inclduing Baby Wraps, Warm In Ones and Happy Nappy Wetsuits in product bundles. 

Happy Nappy™ Costume Bundles

Our Swim School Approved Happy Nappy Costume™ available in a range of product bundles with 10% discount. 

Splash Jammer Bundles

Our leak protection Splash Jammers with matching Rash Tops and swimming essentials with 10% off product bundles. 

All Swimwear Bundles

Take a look at our full range of Baby Swimwear bundles with 10% off including Happy Nappies, Baby Wetsuits and accessories. 

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