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  1. Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit
    Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit

    Guru Reviews: UV Sun & Sea Suit Garden Birds

    Reviewer: Isabelle Summers

    The UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit is perfect for the cooler British summer. Protecting from those harmful sun rays whilst keeping your child warm. I couldn’t believe how warm Alyce was after splashing around for over an hour! She was able to move freely and look stylish at the same time.

    The super cute bird print made her truly stand out from the crowd. It is so easy to take on and off too so no messing around with a wriggly baby or toddler. I would recommend this product to everyone! Thanks again team Splashabout.


    Featured Product:

    UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit Garden Birds

  2. Guru Reviews Eva & Emma: UV Floatsuit
    Guru Reviews Eva & Emma: UV Floatsuit

    Guru Reviews: UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

    Reviewer: Emma Mitchell

    We had the opportunity to test out Splash Abouts UV Floatsuit in the Apple Daisy design and we put it to the test during a beach trip to Broad Haven South in Pembrokeshire.

    I really like the design and look of the product, Eva is wearing age 2-4 years and she’s not quite 2 yet, it’s fits perfectly and definitely has plenty of growing room so I’m sure we will get lots of use out of it. The new zip feature is a massive improvement on the previous poppers, not only is it quicker to do up with a wriggly toddler, the zip also comes down a lot further, to the bottom of the floats which makes getting it on and off so much easier.

    I did wonder whether the floats might restrict Eva’s movement a little but they didn’t seem to at all, she was able to run, jump, splash about just as much as without them. Another worry was whether on a hot day she might get too hot around her waist but again, didn’t seem to be a problem at all. Each float can be taken out one by one and although we didn’t go into particularly deep water, I do have some children use these in their swimming lessons with me and the floats are a big confidence booster for them, it’s brilliant to be able to take them out one by one as swimming and confidence improves rather than it being all or nothing as with other swim products.

    My only slight annoyance with the Floatsuit is that sand seems to really get stuck into the material, after this one use the material around the legs and floats is quite full of sand and while some can be wiped away, a lot of it is ingrained into the material and being so light in colour, it’s quite obvious. But maybe that’s just the perfectionist in me! It certainly wouldn’t stop me using it, I love that the floats are there for added piece of mind and the massive bonus, it being UV protected, I really worry about her delicate skin in the sun so this was a great piece of mind!

    Another brilliant product from Splash About!

    Featured Products:

    UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

  3. Guru Reviews Lucy and Isla: Baby Wrap, Happy Nappy & Splash Pals
    Guru Reviews Lucy and Isla: Baby Wrap, Happy Nappy & Splash Pals

    Guru Reviews: Baby Wrap, Nappy & Splash pal review

    Reviewer: Lucy Theaker

    So we was given the Garden Birds Happy Nappy and Baby Wrap to try out on Isla. Sooooooo happy I have been lusting over this pattern for a while and it's even more beautiful in the flesh!

    We have used Splash About Happy Nappies on Isla since she started her swim lessons at around 14 weeks.

    They have always fit her lovely and allowed her movement in the water. We have never needed to wear a wrap during her swim lessons because the pool is lovely and toasty. I am loving the new designed Happy Nappy, the fit is lovely, and appears a nicer fit than her previous happy nappies. This Happy Nappy is a large (6-12 months) and the wrap (6-18 months) which is a true fit for my now 7.5 month little lady.

    The nappy has a deeper waist band that rises higher on her tummy and back which provides confidence incase of little leaks. Luckily we have haven't been in the situation yet to test this out??. The Happy Nappy stayed put in the water, it didn't twist or roll down. I love that the wrap will grow with her so will last a long time (until 18 months) such good value for money for parents.

    Isla appears comfortable in her Happy Nappy and wrap, she is able to wriggle, kick and splash wish ease. This is really important in her swim lessons.

    Oh and Isla is loving her new penguin Splash Pal. The packaging shows there is 4 to collect, a seal, turtle, platypus and the penguin. We need them all . Our splash pal joins us in the bath, pool, paddling pool, car seat- everywhere really. His feet are especially great for chomping on. It doesn't feel like a typical bath toy- it's squidgy, and it's brilliant at floating. My pet peeve with bath toys is that they don't float how they are supposed to, Isla's Splash Pal (yet to name) self rights in the water to float on its back perfect.

    Featured Products:

    Baby Wrap Garden Birds

    New Happy Nappy Garden Birds

    Splash Pal Penguin 

  4. Drowning Prevention Week 15-25th June 2018
    Drowning Prevention Week 15-25th June 2018

     Next week, we see the beginning of the annual Drowning Prevention Week campaign, and to support the Royal Life Saving Society’s aim of reducing the number of drowning and near drowning instances in the UK, we’re cutting all our buoyancy product prices by 15%! Your child can safely learn all the valuable life saving skills needed when splashing about in and near the water at a lower the cost, just use code DPW18 at checkout to redeem. (see below for full T&Cs).

    Does my child need to learn to swim?

    Simple answer, YES! Over 700 people drown in the UK and Ireland every year and many more suffer injury, some life changing, through near-drowning experience.

    “More people die from drowning in the UK and Ireland than from domestic fires or cycling accidents”- source 

    You can easily protect your child from suffering from the same fate by simply teaching them to swim, either by regularly going to swimming classes or by teaching them to swim yourself. Learning to swim is the best preventative against drowning and the sooner everyone learns to swim the safer we will be.


    How to stay safe around the water?  

    1. Stop and think; Look for the dangers and always read the signs

      Is there a life guard on duty? Is the environment safe to swim in? Is the environment easily accessible if you need to get help? If the answer is no to any of these questions, just stop and think if this is the best and safest place for you and your family to swim in.

    2. Stay together

      There is truth to the saying ‘safety in numbers’, the more of you there are, the more eyes can be watching for dangers and the safer your family will be. It only takes a few seconds for someone, adult or child, to go from happily splashing about to finding themselves struggling. Stay together and stay aware.

    3. Stay calm and get help

      If you ever find yourself or your family in trouble when in the water, the most important thing to do is stay calm. Simply float, don’t waste valuable energy thrashing about and struggling against the water, we all have a level of natural buoyancy in our bodies that can keep us above water. Simply float, and reassess how to safely get yourself out of the water.

    4. Call for help

      Call 999 or 112 in emergencies and always shout for help so others are aware that there is someone in need of help.

    How can I help prevent my child from drowning?

    Drowning is preventable and the best way to prevent your child from drowning is to make sure they can swim strongly and confidently.

    Here are some very simple ways in how you can help your child become water safe;

    1. Take them to swim classes as early as possible.

      There are hundreds of swim schools in the UK that offer fantastic swim classes for babies and children. Use our Find a swim school feature to find your local school-

    2. Swim as a family

      Don’t stop swimming after lessons, taking your child swimming can not only build their water confidence and strengthen their swimming skills but it can also build yours too. We have an entire range of swimwear to help take baby, toddler and children to the pool much easier; from our swim school approved Happy Nappy swim nappy range to our pool and changing products that ease changing room tantrums and can get your baby warm, clean and dry in no time, including our Splash Mat Changing Mats and Apres Splash towelling.

    3. Use buoyancy aids to build and strengthen confidence.

      Young children often feel scared when in the water, our range of adjustable buoyancy Floatsuits are designed to support your child when in the water by keeping them in the correct position for swimming. Floats can gradually be removed until your child can swim confidently unaided. All our buoyancy products are currently 15% OFF when using the code DPW18 at checkout.

    4. Be aware and understand the water code;

      Stop and think, stay together, float and always call for help (999/112)

    The RLSS do an amazing job at keeping everyone safe in and around the water, for more information on how you can keep your family safe or to support the RLSS go to

    *Terms and conditions; 15% off buoyancy products DPW18 code: only valid on buoyancy products. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. UK delivery only. Offer ends at midnight 25/06/18

    Shop 15% off buoyancy now>

  5. Guru Reviews Jess, Woody and Nora: Rash Tops & Swimming Costume
    Guru Reviews Jess, Woody and Nora: Rash Tops & Swimming Costume

    Guru Reviews- Board Shorts and Short Sleeve Rash Top

    Reviewer: Jess Lathan and Woody

    6thNovember 2017

    I’ve never received a more adorable delivery than when I opened a parcel containing a tiny pair of board shorts for my tiny little dude. Made from the softest blue fabric and featuring a super sweet turtle design, I knew that these would be well worn on our holiday.

    The fabric is UPF 50 which ensures you aren’t worrying about the suns harmful rays whilst your little guy hits the pool. The shorts, teamed with the super sweet short sleeved rash top made the perfect pool side outfit. Again, the UPF 50 fabric provides sensitive skin with the highest level of protection.

    Woody looked completely adorable in his Splash About outfit and was so comfortable whilst playing in the sand and by the poolside. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this set for our next summer holiday.


    Guru Reviews- Swimming Costume and Rash Top

    Reviewer: Jess Lathan and Nora

    6thNovember 2017

    We received the beautiful de birdie print swimming costume and rash top for Nora for our long awaited summer holidays. The pieces fit Nora perfectly and she said they were super comfy to wear.

    Not only did the top provide Nora with protection from the suns rays, it proved to be even more useful as a rash top. Poor Nora ended up with prickly heat all over her chest and back due to a high factor suncream and lots of pool time but having the rash top meant we could leave her without the high SPF cream on her itchy parts and allow the rash to calm down without worrying about her getting burnt. It really was so useful for us.

    I know when I was a child on family holidays, there wasn’t such an emphasis placed on sun protection but now, it is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Our children’s skin is so precious and sensitive and having something to use like the Splash About rash top and costume is so helpful to us parents, anything to make us worry a little less is a huge plus in my books.

    Featured Products:

    Board Shorts Turtle Mania

    Rash Top Short Sleeve Turtle Mania

    Rash Top Short Sleeve Birdy

    Swimming Costume Birdy

  6. Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Floatsuit
    Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Floatsuit

    Guru Reviews- UV FloatSuit

    Reviewer: Isabelle Summers

    28th June 2017

    The float suit is incredible! It was absolutely amazing to watch our 20 month old daughter swimming solo on holiday without any fear. She would stand at the side of the pool, jump in, swim to the other side and repeat and would not let me or her father help her!

    It is so amazing to see her so independent and confident in the pool and having so much fun too. Definitely a recommended product. In fact, a necessity for all summer holidays!

    Featured Products:

    UV Floatsuit Flora Bimbi

  7. Guru Review Jess, Woody and Nora: Floatsuits & UV Floatsuits
    Guru Review Jess, Woody and Nora: Floatsuits & UV Floatsuits

    Guru Reviews- FloatSuit and UV FloatSuit

    Reviewer- Jess with Woody and Nora

    6thNovember 2017

    No matter how many swimming lessons your children take, no matter how many certificates they earn and no matter how confident they become in water, that nagging doubt you have in your mind about their water safety never leaves. Despite the fact Nora achieved her 50m Swimming certificate at age 4, the idea of her being in and around water for an extended period of time makes me so nervous.

    As we were headed off to Mallorca for a family trip this summer and we were staying in a villa with a beautiful private pool, I knew that water safety would be something we would have to address. When the lovely Splash About team sent us two Floatsuits to try out, I knew my worries would instantly be dampened.

    The floatsuits feature a revolutionary adjustable buoyancy system which provides your little swimmer with enough buoyancy to keep them afloat, but little enough to ensure that they’re practising their new fangled swim skills in the correct position without relying on the flotation device. The adjustability means you can remove floats to suit your child’s swimming ability as their confidence grows.

    These suits were so perfect for Nora and Woody whilst on our holidays. Not only did the buoyancy provide them with that extra pool safety I so desperately hoped for, it also allowed them to practice their swim skills all whilst protecting them from the suns harmful rays with its SPF 50 protection fabric. The zip down fastening made for super easy changing too, which is great when you have two indecisive children with 24 hour access to a swimming pool.

    I would definitely recommend the floatsuit to anyone headed off on holidays, and for swimmers and non swimmers alike. They provide a much more comfortable learn to swim method than traditional armbands and they are available in the most beautiful array of patterns.

    Featured Products:

    UV Floatsuit Turtle Mania 

    Floatsuit Garden Birds

  8. Guru Review Amy and Eli: UV Sunsuit
    Guru Review Amy and Eli: UV Sunsuit

    Guru Review- UV Sunsuit Turtle Mania

    Reviewer: Amy and Eli

    21 August 2017

    We have had a fab time with the new Turtle sunsuit, Eli's been wearing it in the pool, in the hot tub and in the paddling pool!

    Firstly I'd like to start with how easy it is to get on and with an 11 month old little wriggler it can sometimes be a nightmare keeping them still long enough to get them dressed but this just slips straight on and really is a god send for when it's hot as it doesn't chew them up anymore than needed to it does literally just slide on. With having a few different suits we've tried whilst at water babies it definitely is the easiest to put on and off.

    The colours are so bright and bold and I think it's definitely best designed for holidays. Our local pool is a little nippy so we found the suit to be a little thin for it. But the pool we do our lessons in is warmer so it's perfect for that but with it's UPF 50 protection and it being so lightweight I bet it's a perfect product for using abroad.

    The only negative I would say is that during our lessons we use the double nappy system so Eli has to wear a happy nappy under his swimsuits and because this suit is so lightweight it goes a little see through when wet so he had a bright orange and blue surf board happy nappy showing through his suit. If you had the matching happy nappy it would be ideal though. In our local pool and our hot tub it didn't matter at all though as it doesn't really show the swim paper nappies through it so that's was fine.

    All in all another fantastic product and like I said we can't wait to try it on our holidays in a few weeks time!

    Featured Products:
    UV Sunsuit Turtle Mania

  9. Guru Review Emma and Eva : Baby Wrap & Happy Nappy
    Guru Review Emma and Eva : Baby Wrap & Happy Nappy

    Guru Review- Happy Nappy & BabyWrap Nina’s Ark

    Reviewer: Emma Mitchell with Eva

    18 April 2018

    We absolutely love the Ninas Ark BabyWrap and Nappy Cover! The design is absolutely beautiful and really stands out.

    What I’m most impressed by is the fabric quality. It’s unbelievably soft and flexible. The fabric which sits around the waist and thighs on the Nappy fits perfectly without digging in, we have previously used other brand which are so rigid that little legs found it hard to move freely but this was perfect, we had lots of kicking legs throughout the lesson!


    The wrap is the same, other brands are much more rigid but this didn’t restrict Eva at all, she was able to carry on jumping in, turning around and climbing out of the pool as easily as she would if wearing just a swimming costume, with the added benefit of being kept warm!

    We are officially converted to Splash About, the quality is second to none!

    Featured Products:
    New Improved Happy Nappy Nina's Ark
    Baby Wrap Nina's Ark


  10. Calling all Swim Gurus
    Calling all Swim Gurus

    Calling all Swim Gurus

    Last year saw the start of our extremely successful Guru program where you and your babies become part of the Splash team for a whole swim term.  And what a great team they made. Our Guru’s literally threw themselves in at the deep end and got involved in testing, reviewing and trialling all sorts of Splash About products and we could not be more grateful for the fantastic contribution they all made.
    So thank you Gurus!

    Images from last year’s gurus

    NEW Splash Gurus 2018:

    It’s now time to find our new Gurus to join the Splash Lab team. In return for your help in testing products; reviewing products, choosing products, sharing products and images on your social media and generally being completely helpful, we will pay for the cost of a whole terms worth of swimming lessons with a local provider and in addition you will get lots of new Splash About products free for your child.

    So if you think you have what it takes; you can write a great review, you love trying out new products, and more importantly have a baby aged between 0-2 years old then we want to hear from you!

    To enter:

    All you need to do is write a 50-100 word paragraph about yourself, your family and why you think you would make a fantastic Splash Guru.

    Send your entry paragraph to with the subject header Splash Guru 2018 entry.

    Submissions end on 31st January 2018. We will announce the 8 winners on our social media pages shortly after.

    If we select you as one of the 8 final Gurus we will need you to provide at least 3-4 Splash About product reviews (including pictures) and to share your Splash Guru experience on your social media pages (don’t forget to tag us in too).

    We had a fantastic turnout last year and we can’t wait to meet the Splash Gurus of 2018!




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