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Learn to Swim

Splash About's range of award-winning learn to swim products includes easy to pack holiday Swim Vests, innovative 16-piece Floatsuits, 8-piece Float Jackets, Kickboards and Noodle Floats. Our Learn to Swim range increases water confidence and positions children correctly in the water.

Float Jackets & Swim Vests

Designed to keep children in the correct learn to swim position and available in 2 different designs; Go Splash Swim Vests a lightweight design with non-removable floats & Go Splash Float Jackets with a 8-piece adjusable float system.

Floatsuits & Sleeved Floatsuits

Our range of learn to swim Floatsuits made with a 16-piece adjustable buoyancy system which can be removed in pairs as confidence grows in the water. Also available with added sun protection in the Sleeved Floatsuit style.  

Most Popular Categories

Go Splash Swim Vest
Go Splash Float Jacket Under the SeaGo Splash Float Jacket Under the Sea
Go Splash Float Jacket
Swim Vest 6-10 Years
Sleeved Floatsuit Tug BoatsSleeved Floatsuit Tug Boats
Sleeved Floatsuit
Kickboards for kids little boy holding shark floatKickboards for kids little boy holding shark float

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Learning to Swim is an essential part of life. Splash About's range of Learn to Swim Products, make it easy to help your child gain confidence in the water and learn how to swim. 

Our in depth guides will help you decide which Learn to Swim product is best for your child. 


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Your Guide to Float Vests and Float Jackets