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Posted 11/01/2024

The Happy Nappy Duo™ A Deep Dive

Launched in 2021, The Happy Nappy Duo™ has rapidly become a Splash About bestseller. Described by our Feefo reviewers as “amazing” and “perfect”, we can confidently say it is exactly what we wanted it to be: effective in killing germs, reliable against leaks, loved by parents, approved by swim schools, super cute and most crucially, addressing a gap in the baby swimming market.

Why was the Happy Nappy Duo™ Invented?

Prior to its invention, Splash About had been contacted by several swim schools who were using Hydrotherapy pools as part of their baby swimming classes, to say they were no longer allowed to use the 32° heated pools with young children, due to the risk of contaminants leaking in from nappies and causing closures.

That got us thinking. Whilst we were confident in the efficiency of our Happy Nappy™, we wanted to take it one step further. Our first thought was to design a completely water tight swim nappy. This is no mean feat and due to the fact that all babies are different shapes and sizes, the risk of water penetrating even one nappy would render it defunct. Our Finance and Operations Director Lesley Beach explains the next idea: “To tackle this, we turned the problem on its head and focused on destroying any bacteria and viruses within the nappy, ensuring any liquid leaking out is far less likely to carry harmful diseases”. This would satisfy the rules for babies using hydrotherapy pools and in fact, change the world of baby swimming for the better.

So there began the four-year development of the Happy Nappy Duo™, the only swim nappy in the world that would kill viruses from faeces, that chlorine alone cannot kill.

With the help of the leading Cryptosporidium scientist at Edinburgh University, Pamela Cameron and other specialist laboratories in the US, we started to investigate the use of silver in our nappies to kill germs, viruses and other pathogens that cause tummy bugs and infections.

After many experiments and vigorous testing, we were able to announce we had created a world exclusive silver lined swimming nappy, The Happy Nappy Duo

How does the silver lining within the Happy Nappy Duo™ work?

The silver lining in the Happy Nappy Duo™ has been developed by and is exclusive to Splash About. It kills viruses by breaking their cell walls and stopping them from working. The silver ions work alongside the chlorine in the pool to break down the germ (sporozoites) membranes so that they have no bacterial effect and are no longer infectious.

As this is done within the nappy whilst the baby is still in the pool, any leaks that do happen to escape during transit from the pool or whilst changing, pose no danger to the child or carer.

Happy Nappy Duo™ – The Benefits

  • First and foremost, the biggest benefit is that the silver ions in the Happy Nappy Duo™ work with the chlorine to kill viruses such as Cryptosporidium, E-Coli and COVID-19 within the nappy, thereby protecting you, your baby and other swimmers from the illnesses associated with these viruses.
  • The antibacterial properties of the Happy Nappy Duo™ will last longer than the time the Duo™ fits a child. This means that you'll only need to change the Duo™ when your baby outgrows it, not because it's no longer effective
  • The silver ions within the nappy have soothing properties that are kind to babies’ skin and can help to calm nappy rash
  • The Happy Nappy Duo™ is approved by swim schools as a double layer system, therefore there is no need for any other swim nappy to be worn underneath. Not only does this mean it is better value for money, it also means that you can ditch disposable nappies that are bad for the environment and that can carry viruses into changing rooms and bins
  • The Happy Nappy Duo™ has the same reliable leak protection as the Happy Nappy™ which means that solids are contained within the nappy preventing embarrassing leaks into the pool that could lead to closures
  • Made partly from recycled plastic, the Happy Nappy Duo™ is eco-friendly and will not add to the tonnes of plastic nappies going into landfill every year
  • The Happy Nappy Duo™ has won an abundance of awards including Gold in the Loved by Children and the Loved by Parents awards for Best Swimming Product and Gold in the Green Bambini Baby awards for Best Sustainable Nappy/Nappy Product
  • The Happy Nappy Duo™ is available in a choice of beautiful designs that match our product ranges so your baby will look cute and stylish whilst being protected against leaks and viruses.