The perfect Holiday swim accessory.

Lots of children begin learning how to swim  independently on holiday and for parents that’s a nervous step, not only are they running around an unfamiliar and crowded pool but they are also wanting that bit more independence in the water and from you.

The brand new Swim Vest has been designed especially with those holidays in mind, where taking a bulky float jacket is just impractical and if you are flying it’s nearly impossible. The benefits of a float jacket are well documented and Splash About were the first on the market with the award winning 16 removable float version, which has helped thousands of children learn to swim over the years. But times have changed and with new baggage weight restrictions in place at most airlines and space in family suitcases at a premium, Splash About’s Splash Lab have been hard at work.Go Splash Float Jackets Blog


The BRAND NEW Swim Vest, folds almost flat and weights only 200g , so it will fit in your suitcase easily. It is manufactured from high quality super soft and very strong neoprene, so it is long lasting and hard wearing. The lab constructed  non removable, dense but compact float panels, to give the correct floatation support needed to position your child correctly in the water whilst they learn to swim. And It’s even UPF 50+ meaning extra protection from the sun. With a tough and robust chunky zip and available in lots of great designs this is the ultimate flat pack! Perfect for holidays, beach days and pool days for that added security at great value in a very small packable size! Thanks Splash Lab, keep em coming.Go Splash Float Jackets Blog 2