Drowning Prevention Week is the national campaign run by the Royal Life Saving Society UK, which aims to ensure everyone knows how to stay safe and have fun near water.

With 25 years of experience in ensuring children have fun in the water, but most importantly stay safe, this year Splash About has jumped on board to help save lives! We're promoting Drowning Prevention Week and the importance of teaching children how to swim, by offering exclusive discounts on our fantastic Learn to Swim buoyancy products; designed and developed to ensure children are kept safe in and around water when learning to swim.

Accidental drowning causes around 400 UK deaths every year, meaning on average one person drowns every 20 hours. Drowning is the third highest cause of accidental death in children in the UK. If everyone knew and understood the SAFE code (below) and made small changes to their behaviour and attire, we could cut down the number of preventable, accidental drowning incidences that happen every year. We've listed some of our favourite products and their functionalities below:

With summer on the horizon, Splash About’s Sun Protection Float Suit is two essential safety products in one; UPF50+ all-over sun protection and a swim aid with adjustable buoyancy for all abilities.


It works by incorporating Splash About’s ground-breaking Adjustable Buoyancy System (ABS); specially shaped foam floats are inserted into pockets in the body of the float suit that can be removed to individually tailor buoyancy. As the child becomes more confident in water and learns to swim, the floats can gradually be removed.

This unique ABS is also built into Splash About’s range of children’s Float Jackets. Both products are designed support children as they learn to swim and won’t restrict arm movements but will position the child correctly in the water, unlike arm bands or woggles.

 “Safety has always been at the heart of Splash About’s business and both the Float Suits and the Float Jackets are a fantastic safety precaution,” commented Bernadette Spofforth, CEO of Splash About. “They give parental peace of mind when children are playing near water at home or abroad, should they accidently fall in, they are safer wearing a Splash About Float Suit or Jacket.”

Splash About’s uniquely designed swimming aid, Fings, is the first of its kind to position babies, toddlers and children correctly in the water. Fings provides chest support, but allows legs and arms to move freely – there is no need to hold on unlike traditional floatation aids.  Fings are designed to provide self-adjusting buoyancy so little ones will build water confidence and have fun in the pool.


Anybody can take part! There are many ways you could get involved:
      Make a splash, raise some cash! Money raised will be used to:
• Make sure your family knows the SAFE code • Ensure children in local schools learn how to stay safe and have fun near water
• Display water safety leaflets and posters in your community • Train people in local communities torun life saving programmes
• Fund raise in aid of Drowning Prevention Week • Support families affected by drowning and near drowning
• Deliver a water safety lesson at school • Train people in developing countries to teach their communities about water safety
• Teach water safety during swimming lessons