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Staycations by the Sea
Posted on 15th May 2015

Everybody loves a staycation. What’s not to like about packing up the car and exploring the stunning British coast? There’s no need to worry about that last minute dash to the Bureau de Change or whether your suitcase weights 20kg or less. Just set your satnav and head to the seaside!

Yes, at Splash About, we’re massive fans of the beach staycation. Why? Because these islands offer the complete package when it comes to having entertaining and exciting splashy hols with the kids. We’ve got miles of soft beaches, dramatic craggy cliffs, rock pools galore, sleepy fishing villages, crashing waves, delicious food and a truly family-friendly atmosphere almost everywhere.

It’s a simple case of opening the boot, throwing in a tent, a change of clothes and some float jackets and heading off to the seaside. Then doing a U-turn and picking up the kids.

If we could boil down the British coastline into one area, it would have to be Devon and Cornwall, the incredible region in the South West of England, famous for its summer sun, sea and surf!

Splash South West
About twenty years ago Cornwall developed a reputation for being the surf capital of the UK, with breakers that could rival Hawai’i and Bondi for excitement. Soon enough the surf shacks and VW campers arrived – and became permanent fixtures. Surfing is just great for kids, and you won’t find any more laid-back role models than the surf stars of Cornwall. And there’s no lower age limit, either, so make sure you’ve got your Happy Nappy as you introduce your little ones to the thrill of the waves. But don’t worry if you forget as our award winning Happy Nappy will soon be stocking the shelves of some of the very best surf shops in the south!


The Met Office says that Devon and Cornwall are also blessed with sunlight far in advance of the rest of the UK. It’s clearly the place to be if you love the sun!

While Devon and Cornwall are heaven for sun-seekers, kids need protection from the UV rays and the chilling effect of the sea. One of the mistakes staycating parents sometimes make is forgetting that sunlight in the UK can be as strong as it can in the tourist traps of Europe.


UV Safe
For UV protection, it’s best to use a combination of sun cream and protective clothing. Use the highest factor of waterproof cream you can get your hands on, while putting the kids in sun-protective clothing such as all-in-ones, rash tops, UV float suits and sun hats reduces the risk of sunburn and skin damage to almost zero.

Sea Chill Safe
Even on the hottest day, the sea around the south coast can be a chilly place to be, especially for children, but that shouldn’t mean your kids can’t enjoy it. Our wetsuits come in a range of styles but all perform one important task – maintaining your kids’ core body temperature - making them perfect for little swimmers and little surfers alike.

Now you’re Free to Enjoy Yourself!
So whether you’re swimming, surfing, rock pooling or simply playing games on the beach, as long as you take the safety of your kids seriously, you’re going to have an amazing time holidaying in Britain’s best coastal region. Who needs Torremolinos when you’ve got Torquay on your doorstep?

To find out more about staying safe on holiday, check out our Splash Safety blog!