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Holidaying by the Pool? Stay Safe and Have Fun!
Posted on 7th May 2015

There’s no doubt about it – the swimming pool at your holiday resort isn’t going to have the same vibe as the local municipal pool … thank goodness! At Splash About we know how big a part of any holiday the hotel pool is. And we also know that under the sun, with all the other happy families and maybe even a cheeky piña colada in your hand, you might be a bit more relaxed than usual.

With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few pointers towards getting the most of your time by the pool and having peace of mind while you do it.

The main thing to remember is that whatever assistance and techniques your child is used to at the swimming pool back at home, this should be their preference whilst away.

We’re massive champions of the float jacket, the perfect buoyancy system for little learners. With so many colours and patterns to choose from, you’ll find one your child loves and they’re great for packing up and taking away with you.


Let’s not forget the fabulous Fings, the award-winning swimming aid developed by our very own Splash Lab. A growing number of kids have learnt to swim in safety thanks to these brilliant flotation devices, so if you’re committed to teaching your kids when you’re on holiday, remember to pack yours!

The Outdoor Pool
When the sun is cracking the flags and you’re slapping on the sun block, it’s easy to be lulled into thinking the pool will offer pleasingly tepid relief. But dive in and you might be in for quite a shock! Water takes away body heat much more quickly than air does, so even though the water might indeed be the same temperature as the air, it’ll make you colder quicker. And the smaller you are, the bigger the effect.

That’s why we recommend putting your kids in a UV All in One. It’s the perfect solution to a host of worries. First, it’ll stop your kids getting cold in the water and let them have an amazing time splashing around. And second, it’ll stop them getting sunburnt as all of ours offer UPF 50+ protection.

On the subject of the sun, it’s important to remember that kids’ delicate skin is much more sensitive to it than an adult’s and also that the sun’s rays are much stronger as you get closer to the tropics. That’s why it’s essential that when they’re out and about in and around the pool, they need protection.

Sun block does a decent job of filtering out the rays, but there’s no substitute for the personal shade of UV-protective clothing. Our sun hats, rash tops and all-in-ones will give kids of all ages the protection they need from the sun. Along with good sun sense, you shouldn’t be troubled by sunburn or sunstroke, however brightly it shines.


With Splash About as your travel companions, you’re sure to have a holiday that’s memorable for all the right reasons!