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Page Updated: 21/11/2023

Guide to Baby Wetsuits

Baby wetsuits provide your little one with extra warmth and protection from the sun when swimming.

Top Tip: To keep your little one warm, check that the temperature of the pool is at least 32° for newborns and 30° for older babies

Best baby wetsuit for maximum warmth in cooler water

Fleece-lined wetsuits

Baby wetsuits provide extra warmth for babies swimming in cooler water, allowing them to stay in the water for longer, whilst keeping them cosy when they leave the pool or sea.

For maximum warmth choose a fleece-lined Warm In One thermal wetsuit that covers arms and legs. These are made from TPU (a material similar to neoprene, the fabric adult wetsuits are made from) and feature a super soft fleece lining that keeps baby warm from the inside. The Warm in One will protect against cooler water and wind chill, making them ideal for British beaches, or for baby swimming with young babies.

Suitable for:

  • Cooler swimming pools
  • Windy days on cooler beaches

Best Product for Maximum Warmth in Water

Warm in One™
  • Cosy fleece lining
  • Full length arms and legs
  • Cuffed wrists and ankles
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Wind and sand resistance
Popular Styles

Best baby wetsuit for sun protection when swimming outdoors


For swimming in warmer water or for swimming outdoors in hot weather, a sunsuit is a practical and safe solution. The Happy Nappy Sunsuit provides protection from the sun in the form of a high neck rash top, made from UPF50+ fabric, whilst offering Happy Nappy protection, to prevent any solid leaks when playing in the pool.

Suitable for:

  • Comfortable all-day wear
  • Providing UV protection when playing or swimming outdoors
  • Protecting against wind and sand on the beach.
Best Products for Sun Protection Happy Nappy Sunsuit™
  • High Neck and long sleeves for protection from the sun
  • Integrated Happy Nappy - no other swim nappy required
Popular Styles

Best baby wetsuit for protecting sensitive skin

Full coverage wetsuits

Sensitive skin conditions such as eczema can be exacerbated by chlorine or salt water. Certain swimwear can protect delicate skin by preventing barrier or eczema cream from rinsing off in the water.

Look for wetsuits that cover the entire body, including the neck for maximum protection such as the Warm in One.

Suitable for:

  • Babies with sensitive skin or those who wear creams and ointments
Best Products for Sensitive Skin Warm In One™
Suitable for
  • Babies with sensitive skin
  • Cooler swimming pools
  • Cosy fleece lining
  • High neck, full-length arms and legs
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Wind and sand resistance
Popular Styles

Best baby wetsuit with swim nappy

Happy Nappy Wetsuit™

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit combines the security and convenience of the Happy Nappy swim nappy with the warmth and sun protection of a wetsuit.

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit is swim school approved, which means it can be worn for swimming lessons without needing an extra nappy, as the Happy Nappy is integrated into the wetsuit already. 

A true wetsuit, The Happy Nappy wetsuit provides all the benefits of a neoprene wetsuit with the added peace of mind of a leak-free swim.

Suitable for:

  • Baby Swimming lessons
  • Babies who require the warmth of a wetsuit and the protection of a Swim Nappy
  • Parents who wish to move away from disposable swim nappies


Best Product Incorporating Swim Nappy Happy Nappy Wetsuit
  • Upper body sun protection
  • Integrated swim nappy
  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 1mm thick Neoprene fabric
Popular Styles

Best Wetsuit for Wriggly Babies

Fully Opening Wrap Wetsuits

Baby wraps made from 2mm neoprene are designed to maintain babies’ core body temperature in water, whilst leaving their legs and arms free to feel the water and kick and splash without restriction.

Aside from the obvious warmth benefit, the Baby Wrap opens completely flat, meaning baby does not need to be pulled about to dress them. The strong velcro can be quickly fastened and opened whilst baby is wriggling about trying to get away!

Suitable for:

  • Baby Swimming Lessons
  • Wriggly babies, especially those who hate being dressed
Best Product for Wriggly Babies Baby Wrap Wetsuit™
  • Provides core body warmth
  • Leaves arms and legs unrestricted
  • Adjustable velcro fastenings
  • Sun protection
Popular Styles


Best Value for Money Basic Baby Wetsuit

Thermaswim Baby & Toddler Suits

The Thermaswim range for babies and toddlers has been created for those looking for a high-quality but less expensive warming wetsuit. 

Made from a supersoft polyester/elastane mix, the Thermaswim wetsuits have four way stretch meaning your baby can move without restriction, whilst the brushed fleece fabric keeps them warmer for longer in chilly pools.

This wetsuit can also be used as a base layer under a wetsuit for outdoor water activities, or under clothing for an extra layer of warmth when playing outdoors. 

Suitable for:

  • Baby Swimming Lessons
  • Base layer for outdoor activities
Best Product offering warmth and affordability Thermaswim Baby Suit and Toddler Suit
  • Supersoft brushed fleece suit
  • Four-way stretch for added comfort
  • Zip fastening for easy dressing
  • Can be worn as a baby wetsuit or a thermal base layer under regular clothing
Popular Styles
  • Available in Black

Wetsuit Accessories

What should a baby wear with a wetsuit?

Swim nappies

Any baby who isn’t potty trained will need to wear a swim nappy under their wetsuit, if one is not already integrated into the suit.

The Happy Nappy Wetsuit and Happy Nappy Sunsuit both feature an integrated reusable Happy Nappy Swim Nappy, which can be worn alone, or with a reusable under nappy such as the silver lining nappy wrap. 

If you have chosen a wetsuit without a swim nappy incorporated, and your baby is still in nappies, a Happy Nappy or Happy Nappy Duo should also be worn.

Happy Nappies can be worn under any swimwear, including wetsuits. 

Float Vest or Jacket

Babies and toddlers won’t need to wear any other swimwear under their wetsuit. However, if they are learning to swim or if you’re looking for extra support for them in the water, team up their wetsuit with a buoyancy aid such as a swim vest or float jacket.

Sun Hat

Protecting your children’s heads from the sun is essential if they’re enjoying the water outdoors. Choose a sun hat made from UPF 50+ sun protection fabric for maximum protection. Splash About Legionnaire Hats cover the back of the neck as well as protecting eyes from the sunshine with a soft peak.

Swim Hat

Specialist swim hats can help keep your little one’s head warm in cooler water and cool and protected from the sun when swimming outside.

The Splash About range of swim hats matches our wetsuit designs perfectly for a stylish swimming look, head to toe.

Baby Wetsuits – FAQs

Do baby wetsuits work?

Yes! Baby wetsuits enable little ones to enjoy being in the water for longer by keeping them warmer than traditional swimwear does.

Baby wetsuits work by trapping a layer of water between your child’s body and the wetsuit’s neoprene material. When this thin layer of water is trapped, your child’s body temperature warms up the water and keeps them warm in the water.

How should a baby wetsuit be washed?

Rinse the wetsuit out with cool water and dry away from direct sunlight until it’s completely dry. If the wetsuit is heavily soiled hand wash it in mild detergent, rinse in cool water and then dry out of direct sunlight.

Do babies need to wear wetsuits for swimming?

Although they are not mandatory swimwear, baby wetsuits have three key advantages over traditional swimming costumes:

  • They will keep your baby warmer in cooler water for longer, so can prolong swimming sessions.
  • Wetsuits made from UPF material will keep children safe in the sun during a day at the beach.
  • They can help to protect babies’ sensitive skin by preventing barrier cream from rinsing off your baby’s body.

What age can babies wear wetsuits from?

Baby wetsuits are suitable from birth. Splash About’s range is sized by age which should be used as a guide. To get the most accurate fit, follow the ‘Check Size Before You Buy’ instructions on every wetsuit product page on our website.

Are baby wetsuits available with integrated floats?

No, however, the wetsuits can be worn with float jackets or float vests from Splash About.

Further information

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