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Updated 22rd April 2024

Ditch the Disposables

Reusable Nappy Week - 22nd-28th April 2024

Reusable Nappy week is in its 27th year (starting out as Real Nappy Week in 1997) and is a campaign run by industry experts to advocate and educate on the use and benefits of reusable nappies.

Whilst this campaign focuses mainly on cloth nappies for everyday wear, Splash About have their place in the campaign, providing babies and toddlers with reliable reusable swimwear since 2006.

The experts behind Reusable Nappy Week , the Reusable Nappy Week Steering Committee, have collated lots of advice and resources to get you started on your reusable nappy journey, to help try to reduce the number of nappies going into landfill, to be kinder to babies skin and to save you money.

Look out for online events during the week 22nd to 28th April for discounts and special offers.


Here at Splash About, we share these values and have created our own Ditch the Disposables campaign, in collaboration with swim schools and holiday parks across the country. It is our aim to remove the 1000s of disposable swim nappies used in pools every year and replace them with reusable, eco-friendly swim nappies like the Happy Nappy and the Happy Nappy Duo. Research shows that a disposable swim nappy can take up to 500 years to decompose in landfill. For a 30-minute baby swimming lesson, this can leave a massive impact on our environment. If we were all to use a reusable swim nappy, like the Happy Nappy or Happy Nappy Duo, not only would it prevent more disposables going to landfill, but it will also help cut carbon emissions in the manufacturing process.


According to the steering committee:


“The carbon footprint of nappy usage can be reduced by 40% if reusable nappies are used instead of single-use nappies.

Reusable nappies also use 98% fewer raw materials. “

The benefits for reusable swimming nappies are not only environmental:

1.      The materials used are kinder to babies sensitive skins. The Splash About Happy Nappy Duo is a soft, neoprene nappy, which is naturally anti-bacterial anyway, but also includes an inner nappy coated with silver, which has been scientifically proven to kill germs* as well as having soothing properties to help with sore bums. The Happy Nappy Duo is a world exclusive and is explained in greater detail on our help page "What is the Happy Nappy Duo?"
* Research carried out by Dr Pam Cameron BSc PhD DipHE MRSB FHEA of Novo Science Ltd, for Splash About 2021

2.      Reusable Swimming Nappies are proven to be more reliable against faecal leaks into the pool. The Happy Nappy has been designed to fit snugly around baby’s bottom, thighs and waist to prevent any gaping, and therefore, holding in any faecal accidents. It is insisted upon by most UK Swim Schools who provide baby swimming lessons, due to its reliability. An accident in a pool forces it to close for cleaning. The Happy Nappy prevents both the closures of pools and the embarrassment of parents!

3.      Reusable Nappies provide better value for money. Whilst it may cost a few more pounds initially to buy a Happy Nappy product, it can be worn again and again so you won’t have to keep buying swim nappies every time you take your baby swimming. The cost of a reusable Happy Nappy per wear is actually half of that of a disposable swim nappy.

4.      Reusable Swim Nappies take up far less room in your suitcase than packs of disposables if you are going away! One or two Happy Nappy products will last you the whole holiday and will use next to none of your luggage allowance. 24 disposable swim nappies weigh nearly 1kg, which is 5% of your allowance! Happy Nappies also have the added benefit of providing UPF50+ Sun Protection

5.      Reusable Swim Nappies are available in a variety of designs and sizes and are much more appealing than a generic disposable nappy. Splash About have incorporated the award-winning Happy Nappy into swimsuits and wetsuits for boys and girls, to provide reliable faecal leak protection, along with extra warmth and lots of style!

If you want to get on board and #ditchthedisposables, Splash About Customer Service are always available to provide guidance and support, and are experts in the reusable swim nappy industry. Get in touch on [email protected] or via our chat function on splashabout.com.