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  1. Calling all Swim Gurus

    Calling all Swim Gurus

    Calling all Swim Gurus Last year saw the start of our extremely successful Guru program where you and your babies become part of the Splash team for a whole swim...
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  2. Learning for life!

    Learning for life!

    As everyone starts this new year afresh, with resolutions made and not yet broken I thought this would be a good opportunity to remind you why those baby swimming lessons...
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  3. What do you mean it's nearly 2018?

    What do you mean it's nearly 2018?

    I’m not sure where this year went, I think I remember April vaguely, but have no recollection of March or August and now it’s nearly Christmas. Ridiculous! This has been...
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  4. Splash-tastic Gingerbread Babies!

    Splash-tastic Gingerbread Babies!

    We’re feeling festive this Christmas and decided to try our hand at baking some Happy Nappy themed gingerbread babies. They make the perfect after swim snack! They are super easy...
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  5. Winter Swimming

    Winter Swimming

    Swimming in the winter? Are you serious? Yes really, I know you don’t feel much like battling the rain and wind on the way to the changing rooms from the...
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  6. Tum To Mum

    Tum To Mum

    Parent blogger from Tum to Mum recommends our Splash Jammers to avoid any ‘code brown’ incidents in the pool when potty training toddlers. Read why she loves them here
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  7. WanderMustFamily


    Luxury travel blogger WanderMustFamily says your toddler will have the “best swim wardrobe on the beach” check out her toddler travel essentials here
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  8. Christmas 2017 unique gifts for babies and toddlers

    Christmas 2017 unique gifts for babies and toddlers

    Looking for something unique and useful as a gift for a baby or toddler this Christmas? We have some fantastic gift ideas for the baby or toddler that has everything...
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  9. Marvellous Mirrors

    Marvellous Mirrors

    If you are looking for new ways to engage your baby when you take them swimming or your youngster is having “Water wobbles” and suddenly developed a fear of lessons...
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  10. Made for Mums

    Made for Mums

    Made for Mums reviews our Happy Nappy System, and the verdict is “The Splash About Happy Nappy System is an affordable way to relax at swimming pools, knowing leakage will...
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