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Splash About Patents and Design Rights

Splash About Patents 

WG Ref. Title/ Mark Country App No. Case Status Reg No.
P/71604.AU Nano Silver Lining Australia 2019349858 Pending  
P/65609.AU Pod Australia 2017355226 Pending  
P/71604.CA Nano Silver Lining Canada 3,114,053 Pending  
P/65609.CA Pod Canada 3,080,881 Pending  
P/71604.CN Nano Silver Lining China 201980074162.0 Pending  
P/65609.CN Pod China 201780074757.7 Granted  ZL 2017 8 0074757.7
P/65609.CZ Pod Czech Republic 17817012.2 Granted EP-CZ3534735
P/65609.DK Pod Denmark 17817012.2 Granted EP-DK3534735
P/71604.EP Nano Silver Lining Europe 19779080.1 Pending  
P/65609.EP Pod Europe 17817012.2 Granted 3534735
P/65609.FR Pod France 17817012.2 Granted EP-FR3534735
P/65609.DE Pod Germany 17817012.2 Granted EP-DE3534735
P/65609.GR Pod Greece 17817012.2 Granted EP-GR3534735
P/69715.HK Pod Hong Kong 18110042.7 Granted 1250612
P/65609.IS Pod Iceland 17817012.2 Granted EP-IS3534735
P/71604.IN Nano Silver Lining India 202147018385 Pending  
P/65609.IE Pod Ireland 17817012.2 Granted EP-IE3534735
P/65609.IT Pod Italy 17817012.2 Granted EP-IT3534735
P/71604.JP Nano Silver Lining Japan 2021-516677 Pending  
P/65609.JP Pod Japan 2019-546094 Pending  
P/71604.KR Nano Silver Lining South Korea 10-2021-7012101 Pending  
P/65609.KR Pod South Korea 10-2019-7015967 Pending  
P/71604.MY Nano Silver Lining Malaysia PI2021001600 Pending  
P/65609.NL Pod Netherlands 17817012.2 Granted EP-NL3534735
P/65609.PL Pod Poland 17817012.2 Granted EP-PL3534735
P/65609.RO Pod Romania 17817012.2 Granted EP-RO3534735
P/71604.RU Nano Silver Lining Russian Federation 2021108361 Pending  
P/65609.SK Pod Slovak Republic 17817012.2 Granted EP-SK3534735
P/65609.SI Pod Slovenia 17817012.2 Granted EP-SI3534735
P/65609.ES Pod Spain 17817012.2 Granted EP-ES3534735
P/65609.SE Pod Sweden 17817012.2 Granted EP-SE3534735
P/71604.TH Nano Silver Lining Thailand 2101001661 Pending  
P/65609.TH Pod Thailand 1901002708 Pending  
P/71603.GB Nano Silver Lining United Kingdom 1913757.9 Granted 2579437
P/61468.GB Pod United Kingdom 1618569.6 Granted 2555607
P/65609.GB Pod United Kingdom 17817012.2 Granted EP-UK3534735
P/71604.US Nano Silver Lining United States of America 17/278,883 Pending  
P/65609.US Pod United States of America 16/347,430 Pending  

Splash About Design Rights

WG Ref. Title/ Mark Country App No. Case Status Reg No.
D/101935.AU Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) Australia 202112286 Registered 202112286
D/124634.AU Sunsuit Australia 202113536 Registered 202113536
D/127932.CA Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) Canada (Int) DM/215836 Registered 206091
D/101935.CN Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) China 202130233177.7 Registered ZL202130233177.7
D/124634.CN Sunsuit China 2021303681250 Registered ZL2021303681250
D/58011.CN Wetsuit China 201530501679.8 Registered ZL201530501679.8
D/130186.EU Adjustable Swim Vest European Community 8828735-0001 Registered 8828735-0001
D/61470.EU6 Jammer - Back Only European Community 3447986-0006 Registered 3447986-0006
D/61470.EU5 Jammer - No Ribs European Community 3447986-0005 Registered 3447986-0005
D/61470.EU4 Jammer - Ribs European Community 3447986-0004 Registered 3447986-0004
D/68157.EU Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) European Community 5299484-0001 Registered 5299484-0001
D/68157.EU2 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) European Community 5299484-0002 Registered 5299484-0002
D/68157.EU3 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) European Community 5299484-0003 Registered 5299484-0003
D/68157.EU4 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) European Community 5299484-0004 Registered 5299484-0004
D/68157.EU5 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) European Community 5299484-0005 Registered 5299484-0005
D/70112.EU New Nano European Community 5655222-0001 Registered 5655222-0001
D/70112.EU2 New Nano European Community 5655222-0002 Registered 5655222-0002
D/70112.EU3 New Nano European Community 5655222-0003 Registered 5655222-0003
D/61470.EU Pod European Community 3447986-0001 Registered 3447986-0001
D/61470.EU3 Pod - Back Only European Community 3447986-0003 Registered 3447986-0003
D/61470.EU2 Pod - Waist Only European Community 3447986-0002 Registered 3447986-0002
D/101935.EU Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) European Community 8211858-0001 Registered 8211858-0001
D/101935.EU2 Duo/Nano (Renders) European Community 8211858-0002 Registered 8211858-0002
D/124634.EU Sunsuit (Outside and Inside) European Community 8324321-0001 Registered 8324321-0001
D/124634.EU2 Sunsuit (Outside) European Community 8324321-0002 Registered 8324321-0002
D/124634.EU3 Sunsuit (Inside) European Community 8324321-0003 Registered 8324321-0003
D/58011.EU2 Wetsuit (Inside Only) European Community 2649541-0002 Registered 2649541-0002
D/58011.EU Wetsuit (Outside Only) European Community 2649541-0001 Registered 2649541-0001
D/58011.EU3 Wetsuit (Inside & Outside) European Community 2649541-0003 Registered 2649541-0003
D/101935.IN Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) India 342562-001 Pending  
D/127932.WO Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) International DM/215836 Registered DM/215836
D/124634.WO Sunsuit International DM/216411 Registered DM/216411
D/127932.JP Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) Japan (Int) DM/215836 Pending  
D/124634.JP Sunsuit Japan (Int) DM/216411 Registered 1717384
D/127932.KR Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) South Korea (Int) DM/215836-001 Registered DM/215836-001
D/127932.KR2 Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) South Korea (Int) DM/215836-002 Registered DM/215836-002
D/124634.KR Sunsuit South Korea (Int) DM/216411 Pending  
D/127932.RU Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) Russian Federation (Int) DM/215836 Pending  
D/101935.TW Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) Taiwan 110302083 Pending  
D/101935.TH Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) Thailand 2102001745 Pending  
D/130186.GB Adjustable Swim Vest for Older Kids United Kingdom 6148313 Registered  
D/57875.GB Baby clothing United Kingdom 4017842 Registered 4017842
D/57876.GB Baby clothing United Kingdom 4017841 Registered 4017841
D/127932.GB Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) United Kingdom (Int) DM/215836 Pending  
D/57867.GB Happy Nappy Board Shorts United Kingdom 4024808 Registered 4024808
D/57868.GB Happy Nappy Skirt United Kingdom 4024809 Registered 4024809
D/61470.GBE6 Jammer - Back Only United Kingdom 90034479860006 Registered 90034479860006
D/61470.GBE5 Jammer - No Ribs United Kingdom 90034479860005 Registered 90034479860005
D/61470.GBE4 Jammer - Ribs United Kingdom 90034479860004 Registered 90034479860004
D/68157.GBE Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) United Kingdom 90052994840001 Registered 90052994840001
D/68157.GBE2 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) United Kingdom 90052994840002 Registered 90052994840002
D/68157.GBE3 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) United Kingdom 90052994840003 Registered 90052994840003
D/68157.GBE4 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) United Kingdom 90052994840004 Registered 90052994840004
D/68157.GBE5 Jammer Wetsuit (Outside) United Kingdom 90052994840005 Registered 90052994840005
D/70112.GBE New Nano United Kingdom 90056552220001 Registered 90056552220001
D/70112.GBE2 New Nano United Kingdom 90056552220002 Registered 90056552220002
D/70112.GBE3 New Nano United Kingdom 90056552220003 Registered 90056552220003
D/61470.GBE Pod United Kingdom 90034479860001 Registered 90034479860001
D/61470.GBE3 Pod - Back Only United Kingdom 90034479860003 Registered 90034479860003
D/61470.GBE2 Pod - Waist Only United Kingdom 90034479860002 Registered 90034479860002
D/124634.GB Sunsuit United Kingdom (Int) DM/216411  Pending  
D/58011.GBE2 Wetsuit (Inside Only) United Kingdom 90026495410002 Registered 90026495410002
D/58011.GBE Wetsuit (Outside Only) United Kingdom 90026495410001 Registered 90026495410001
D/58011.GBE3 Wetsuite (Inside & Outside) United Kingdom 90026495410003 Registered 90026495410003
D/130186.US Adjustable Swim Vest United States of America 29/823,005 Pending  
D/101935.US Duo/Nano (Line Drawings) United States of America 29,779,847 Pending  
D/124634.US Sunsuit United States of America 29/794,775 Pending