1. Guru Reviews Kelly & Eliza: Happy Nappy Wetsuit
    Guru Reviews Kelly & Eliza: Happy Nappy Wetsuit

    Guru Reviews: Happy Nappy Wetsuit Nina's Ark

    Reviewer: Kelly Edmonds

    Eliza has loved swimming lessons, holiday pools and paddling pools this summer. Her super cute swimsuit has enabled her to take full advantage of water play .

    So I was a bit skeptical at first that the swim suit actually did anything other look great and work as a nappy., we did a bit of a experiment. I took her swimming with her brother (Age 5) in just a regular swim suit.Eliza had so much fun but only lasted about 30 min In the pool before she got cold. Her brother was not a happy boy with as he was still enjoying himself.

    The following week we tried again, but this time put her splash about suite on. What a success ! she stayed in the pool happy until we were all ready to get out, not only this but I noticed she was happier when getting changed and when I took it off her tummy was lovely and warm!

    The swim suit made the whole experience less rushed and more fun and relaxing for us all.

    The suit has also meant that she can enjoy the big padding pool in the garden and take advantage of this glorious weather with all the family.

    It’s so quick to dry that she is able to take it off for a food break and then when she is ready to play in the water again the suit is dry and ready too!

    This gorgeous suit is so easy to get on and off her too. I would advise putting a splash about nappy liner or disposable nappy underneath, just incase !

    I highly recommend this product, I love how it fits her and will last from 6 to 14months so we can get good use out of it. It’s tight like a nappy should be so we know there will be no pool accidents. It’s comfortable for her to walk and swim and just so practical and looks amazing!

    It’s definitely a must have for fun in the water !

    Featured Product:

    Happy Nappy Wetsuit Nina's Ark

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  2. Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum review Hooded Poncho Towels
    Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum review Hooded Poncho Towels

    Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum.

    Full Review:

    It's no secret that my children are water babies. I mean, if there's water around, it's safe to say one, if not all, of my children will be paddling. We have the pool out most of the school holidays and they love the rain. We also go swimming once a week to help them build confidence around water.

    Have you ever tried keep a wet child warm, and drying them off, after a play session in the water though... hard isn't it? Towels just don't hang around well and children either end up all wrapped up and unable to move or freezing when the towel keeps falling off.

    Splash About has introduced a brand new range of ponchos and hooded towels in two beautiful designs, to ensure babies and children are warm and cosy after coming out of the water - whether it’s swimming in the pool or the sea.

    Soft, super absorbent and made from luxurious natural cotton, the towels start from £16.99 in price and are available in two designs - the powder blue Noah’s Ark with a bold orange lion, and Nina’s Ark with a striking zebra on a baby pink backdrop.

    Designed to complement Splash About’s range of Happy Nappy swim nappies and baby wetsuits, the Hooded Towels are one size but suitable from birth to two years and retail at £16.99, whereas the Splash About Ponchos are longer length to fit children 2-6 years and are priced at £19.99.

    They fold flat so are the perfect beach cover ups and are easily packed into suitcases or swim bags. J much prefers having a poncho to wear after being in the water because the hood dries his hair and stops it dripping onto him.

    Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum.

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  3. Ester Formenko Review of Happy Nappy Costume and Floatsuit
    Ester Formenko Review of Happy Nappy Costume and Floatsuit

    Ester Formenko

    Full Review:

    Hi Friends,

    Happy Friday! Finally we are getting some sun in SoCal. Aria is starting swimming lessons next week and I’ve been researching the best swimwear for her. One of my friends told me about Splash About and I decided to check them out. They have a huge verity of swimwear and swimming aids for babies, toddlers and kids.

    I got Aria a Floatsuit to start getting her comfortable in the water. It’s has sun protection and contains 16 piece adjustable system which helps your child correctly learn how to swim.

    Now that Aria is starting swimming lessons, they require reusable swimming diapers for preventing unwanted leaks into the pool. Happy Nappyprovides excellent leak prevention and made from soft nylon – lycra top.

    Also, New Happy Nappy is the most reliable swim nappy in the world, sold in over 30 countries worldwide and insisted by many swim schools. The improved Happy Nappy has been technically constructed to move as your baby moves ensuring the safest most leak free fit.

    If you are wanting to start swimming lessons for your child, I would definitely recommend Splash About products.

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



    Featured Products:
    Happy Nappy Costume Pink Blossom
    Floatsuit Apple Daisy

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  4. Slick Mummy Review Hooded Towels
    Slick Mummy Review Hooded Towels

    Parenting website Slick Mummy posts “I’m delighted to see Splash About’s new range of hooded towels, with cute Noah and Nina’s ark designs as ponchos for bigger kids and hooded towels for little ones.” 


    Featured Products:
    Hooded Towels
    Hooded Poncho Towels


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  5. Mudpie Fridays Rash Top Review
    Mudpie Fridays Rash Top Review

    Blogger mum Mudpie Fridays says of our rash tops and board shorts, “I wanted the kid’s swimwear to be Splash About. Since all the items we have tried out to date have been super practical and hard wearing.”


    Featured Products:
    Lion Fish Long Sleeve Rash Top
    Short Sleeve Rash Top Turtle Mania

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  6. Becky's Boudoir Happy Nappy Wetsuit Review
    Becky's Boudoir Happy Nappy Wetsuit Review

    Blogger mum Becky’s Boudoir says “Splash About has cool functional swimwear specially made for little swimmers” http://beckysboudoir.com/splash-about/ 

    Featured Products:

    Happy Nappy Wetsuit Set Sail
    Nappy Wrap 
    Nappy Liners
    Apres Splash All In One Turquoise 

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  7. Becky's Boudoir Product Review Hooded Towels and Sunsuits
    Becky's Boudoir Product Review Hooded Towels and Sunsuits

    Becky's Boudoir

    Full Review:

    So far this year we’ve had an amazing summer of sun.  Unlike our typical British summer, which usually sees us blighted by many a wet spell, we’ve had much sunshine and heat.  Whether you like or loathe the high temperatures, you can’t dispute it’s nothing a day at the seaside can’t fix.

    As Reuben hadn’t experienced the beach before I was determined this summer would be full of sea and sand adventures!  So with the coast less an hour away we’ve exploited every opportunity to head down and make the most of the gorgeous weather.

    Last week we returned to pretty Yorkshire seaside town, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, where instead of sticking close to the more populated pier and amusements we headed further up the beach nearer the cliffs in search of a quieter spot.  Unfortunately this led us into the dog zone which wasn’t the most pleasant environment at times (dog poop in the sand, anyone?), but it was good to get much of the beach to ourselves.  Although it was pretty much overcast, it was still humid and the sea still beckoned, so out came the bikini for me and swim shorts for the lads.

    Well actually, this time Reuben had some new beach wear to kit himself out in.  Wanting to ensure Reuben was adequately protected by the sun (which kept make appearances) and warm enough (since the sea water is still a little cold, no matter how hot the air is) I dressed him in an ultra violet protecting all-in-one swim suit.

    The UV All-In-One Sun Suit by children’s swim lifestyle brand Splash About is the perfect beach wear for babies and toddlers, 6 months to four years old, wanting to enjoy all that the seaside offers while playing sun-safe.

    Reuben received the ‘Turtle Mania’ Sun Suit (Size 1-2YRS / £19.99), a cute, modern design featuring a playful turtle print in cool blue tones.  It’s a gorgeous little suit with a vibrancy that doesn’t look out of place down the beach or local swimming pool.

    In a soft, light fabric that boasts UPF50+ sun filtering properties, the UV All In One ensures delicate skin is comfortably cool and protected from the damaging sun.  With a high neck and long sleeves, the suit offers a high level of body coverage, while the cropped 3/4 length legs allow little ones to feel sand and sea against the skin.

    The All-In-One is easy to put on, even on a wriggling toddler too keen to explore beach life!  Once you’ve secured a swim nappy (disposable pull up swim pants or a non-disposable like Splash About’s Nappy Wrap), the suit simply slips on over arms and legs and fastens with a chunky zip.

    Reuben’s coming up 18 months and he fits into the 1-2 year old size suit well; it’s snug and close fitting but there’s visibly plenty growing room in it.  The sleeves are nice and long, finishing right on the wrist so they don’t ride up short but equally aren’t over long to get in the way.  The leg cuts off just below the knee which, although would be quite good if they finished mid-way on the calf or were even ankle length, is a practical style for Reuben’s level of activity.

    Reuben wasn’t phased by being dressed in the sunsuit, in fact he appeared to actually quite enjoy wearing it.  This, I believe, is totally down to the comfortable fit that does’t make him feel restricted or cooped in, allowing him the freedom to play.

    When beach play came to a close it was time to get changed again.  This is usually fun and games in itself, when drying off becomes a towel wrestle, and one of us manages to wriggle free and run off butt naked down the beach (hint: it ain’t me.)  So I found using a poncho worked a charm at a time such as this.

    Splash About’s new Hooded Towel Poncho (one size / £19.99) comes in a choice of two colourways – blue or pink – in the Noah’s Ark design.  The blue poncho is a funky, vibrant style featuring a bold orange lion and Ark print.

    Made in a light handle but densely thick 300mg towelling cotton, the poncho has a deeper loop pile than others we own, making it a more superior, more generously cut poncho.  As it’s 100% cotton it wicks super quickly, but unlike a regular towel it doesn’t become cumbersome when wet.  Its ample size, spanning a fraction off 60cm squared, covers Reuben literally from head to toe and arm to arm too, with the deep hood and broad cut swathing Reuben’s whole body so he’s nicely covered and cosy.

    The poncho, being a wearable towelling garment, meant Reuben could be quickly covered and dried off, allowing him to potter about on the beach while Mum and Dad got ready.

    The All in One suit and poncho have been a fab little combo to take out with us because they’re so light to carry and don’t take up a lot of space in the beach bag.  And then they’re both super quick to dry, which means you’re not lugging around heavy wet clothes or towels (no, just Mum and Dad’s heavy-ass towel!)

    Becky's Boudoir

    15th August 2018

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  8. Guru Reviews Emma & Eva: UV Floatsuit, Sun Hat & Rash Top
    Guru Reviews Emma & Eva: UV Floatsuit, Sun Hat & Rash Top

    Guru Reviews: UV Floatsuit, Sun Hat & Rash Tops

    Reviewer: Emma Mitchell

    We’ve just been on holiday to Cornwall and decided it was the best time to try out our new Splash About goodies! (As well as few that we’ve already reviewed!)

    Firstly we decided to get the bucket hat in white, we went for the slightly bigger size as although the smaller size fit her perfectly I thought the bigger would fit her for longer and I’m so glad I did, I had to fold the front over slightly so that she could see where she was going but it was big enough that it covered the back of her neck, with her fair skin I really worry about her burning in the sun but this provided piece of mind. It’s lovely and soft and she actually kept it on all week! Any parent of a toddler will know that that’s an achievement!

    We spent one day on the beach and Eva wore her UV Rash Top in the Flora Bimbi design. It’s so pretty, I fell in love as soon as I saw it and Eva was excited to wear it! Again, we went for the slightly bigger one purely because Eva is currently in between most 1-2 and 2-3 clothes and we decided the bigger one would last longer. The length of sleeves and body fit her perfectly with plenty of room to grow. The zip fastening makes it really easy to take on and off. We went for the long sleeve option to keep her that little bit more covered and as it’s UV protected, again, I had that piece of mind that she was protected. The top kept her cool on a really hot sunny day but equally warmed her up again after being in the cold British sea!

    Eva wore her Apple Daisy UV floatsuit when we went into the sea, we’ve already done a detailed review of the floatsuit for you to have a look at (long story short - best thing ever!). And throughout our beach day she wore her Happy Nappy in the Nina’s Ark design, which we’ve also reviewed, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve now had this Happy Nappy for a few months, it’s been used at least once a week and it still looks brand new!

    Thanks to Splash About for keeping Eva safe and stylish on her holiday!

    Featured Product:

    UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

    UV Rash Top Long Sleeve Rash Top Flora Bimbi

    Bucket Hat White

    New Happy Nappy Nina's Ark 


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  9. Guru Reviews Samantha & Evie: Happy Nappy Costume
    Guru Reviews Samantha & Evie: Happy Nappy Costume

    Guru Reviews: Happy Nappy Costume

    Reviewers: Samantha Humphreys

    Both of my babies have been in swimming lessons since around 8 weeks old. As a requirement of most baby swimming lessons is the double nappy system - a swim nappy and then a happy nappy over the top to contain leaks - we have had a variety of Happy Nappy designs and brands over the last 5 years. As any second child will know, being given hand me downs comes part and parcel from your sibling, so when I had my Evie girl, she simply wore a Happy Nappy underneath a normal swimming costume for her swimming lesson or sometimes just the Happy Nappy on it's own. I had seen a couple of baby girls in the Navy Splash About Happy Nappy costumes and just couldn't wait to try one out. We picked the Garden Birds design as I loved the blue for girls with the bright yellow for the summer.

    There are certainly many pretty designs to choose from, you can see all of them in more detail on the Splash About Website.

    The first thing I noticed about the Happy Nappy costume was how much easier it was to get on over Evie's chubby thighs and pull straight up and on her. My first born, Logan, was a skinny little baby and I never had any trouble with a Happy Nappy over his thighs but miss Evie has always had chunky legs and the battle to squish them in and up over her bum was a tough one. The costume makes it easy to pull up using the top of the costume over their arms and then you can adjust around their legs as required. The bottom stretches with them and I've never had any problems with the fit around her chubby thighs. 

    The bottom of the costume is soft neoprene and lovely against their skin, while the top part of the costume is super soft nylon-lycra and doesn't irritate or blotch the skin and loose enough for them to be comfy and not mark the skin. We have washed our costume many times since March and it still maintains its beautiful colour and shape and always dries quickly.

    We use our costume for our weekly Waterbabies swimming lessons and I find the material easy to hold in the water and not too slippery at all. It's great to know that any nappy incidents are contained and after a certain paddling pool incident at home, we use our costume for garden playing too!

    We recently took a trip to our rather stoney local beach and I loved that the bottom of the happy nappy was that bit of extra padding to with stand Evie's flop downs on her bottom while she mastered her walking and it helped keep sand out of all the wrong places too. We've had lots of compliments on the design of her swimming costume and I can't wait to add more to our collection.

    Every Happy Nappy I've had in the past has always lasted us many weekly swimming lessons, I've only replaced them because my babies have grown out of them! No fading or wearing away like traditional swimming costumes and when Evie sees her bright coloured costume she knows it’s time for another Swim Day! We highly recommend the Happy Nappy Swimming Costume for both its practicality and its beautiful designs.  

    Sam & Evie

    Featured Product:

    Happy Nappy Costune Garden Birds 

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  10. A delicate balance: protecting your child’s skin from the sun
    A delicate balance: protecting your child’s skin from the sun

    As scientists highlight the extent of DNA damage that children experience from even small amounts of sun exposure, new questions arise as to how much is too much, how optimum vitamin D levels can be achieved and how best to protect children’s delicate skin from the sun.

    Just how dangerous is the sun for our children’s skin? As we enjoy an unprecedented yet welcome summer heatwave across the UK, basking in a long overdue dose of natural vitamin D production, it’s easy to forget — or overlook — the damage the sun’s rays can cause, particularly for delicate young skin.

    But new research from scientists at King’s College London serves as a timely reminder. The study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, looked at 32 children aged 10 and under at a 12-day summer camp in Poland, measuring levels of vitamin D alongside a urine biomarker of DNA damage that can lead to skin cancer, known as CPD.

    At the end of the 12-day period, during which the weather was not particularly sunny, the researchers found a 25% increase in average vitamin D concentrations in the children’s blood but measured nearly 13 times more CPD on average in comparison to levels at the start. This could suggest that children are even more sensitive to the damaging effects of the sun than previously thought, or that their bodies are better at repairing the damage, the researchers concluded.

    A careful balance

    In light of these findings, how do parents strike a balance between the beneficial effects of the sun as our main source of vitamin D and the risks of overexposure? Since sunburn is a well-known risk factor for skin cancer in older age, there perhaps needs to be clearer warnings around the impact of ultraviolet (UV) rays on children’s skin, even when the weather isn’t sunny.

    Lead researcher for the study Professor Antony Young, from the St John’s Institute of Dermatology at King’s College London, agreed “it can be a confusing message” when trying to ensure children remain healthy and produce sufficient levels of vitamin D by playing outside, , while also staying protected from the sun. “Our study suggests that only small amounts of exposure to the sun are needed to ensure vitamin D sufficiency so we should make sure that children always have ample sun protection when playing outside for long periods,” he said on the paper’s publication. “This should be in the form of sunscreen, clothing and hats and the use of shade, even when you may not judge the weather to be that sunny.”

    Smart sun safety

    The NHS advises that babies and children need to have their skin protected between March and October in the UK, with infants under six months being kept out of direct sunlight completely.

    Other NHS recommendations include:

    • covering exposed parts of your child’s skin with sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15 and is effective against UVA and UVB rays — even on cloudy or overcast days
    • encouraging your child to play in the shade, particularly between 11am and 3pm
    • covering your child up in loose, cotton clothes and a floppy hat with a wide brim
    • taking care to cover your child’s shoulders and the back of their neck when they’re playing, since these are the most common areas for sunburn
    • giving babies and young children aged six months to five years a daily supplement containing vitamin D

    Abi Cleeve, skincare expert and managing director of sun protection brand Ultrasun, says the amount of sun cream and the timing of its application is also key to protecting children’s skin properly: “Always apply sun protection to cool, clean, dry skin in the shade 15 to 30 minutes before you or your children go into the sun. It’s important that this step is followed regardless of what sun cream brand you choose as in direct sunlight, sun cream applied to skin can evaporate before it has a chance to bond with the skin and therefore becomes less effective.

    “As a rule of thumb, use a teaspoon of sunscreen for each arm, leg, front, back and face — including neck and ears,” she adds.

    And if your child is swimming, the NHS advises, a waterproof sunblock should be used and reapplied after towelling. UV protective wetsuits are also available, which enable your child’s skin to be covered and protected at the same time.

    Bernadette Spofforth, managing director at children and baby swimwear specialist Splash About, says: “Although the findings of the King’s College study read as quite alarming, parents needn’t panic so long as they’re ensuring their children’s skin is properly protected from the damaging effects of UV rays, even on seemingly cloudy days.

    “All the guidance is there, although there is perhaps not enough emphasis on how much more vulnerable to sun damage children’s skin is when in water. Using a high-factor, water-resistant sunblock is a must, but this protection should be reinforced with a UV-protective garment that covers the arms and legs.

    “This means that, even if the sunscreen has washed or rubbed off, your child’s skin is protected,” Bernadette adds.

    Although the latest research provides a timely warning, there’s no reason why families cannot enjoy this spell of good weather safely — while it lasts.

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