Our Planet

Splash About is committed to decreasing our impact on our environment, including our carbon footprint and to decreasing our use of non recyclable materials by using as little packaging as possible. Our goal is to ship 99% of our products “naked” with no packaging at all by the end of 2021.

We are also committed to extending our social responsibilities, to our supply chain colleagues, worldwide family of employees and partners and of course you, our important customers. We value all members of the Splash About family and work hard to ensure our manufacturing colleagues are treated with fairness and respect.

As well as developing and designing some of the most innovative swimming products, Splash About is committed to taking paper disposable swim nappies out of the water and making pools cleaner and safer for all swimmers. Disposable nappes contribute to over 500 billion tons of landfill waste every single year and take up to 5 years to breakdown. These nappies contribute to the vast amounts of microplastics that poison our soils, our waterways and our food chain.

There can be no justification for using a disposable swim nappy, they don’t even stop faecal leaks into water, which is why the Happy Nappy was developed in the first place. Our robust, reusable and recyclable Happy Nappy can be worn over and over again and will protect your baby, other swimmers and of course our planet.

Our offices are encouraged to recycle and conserve energy, these include a “no waste paper” policy which advises all copier paper be reused as scrap paper. We have a turn off policy, ensuring all lights are switched off when not needed. Our suppliers are also regularly monitored on their environmental policies to ensure they are in line with our values. They work hard with us to constantly review where waste can be cut and power usage managed.

Our packaging promises

All our packaging uses as much recycled materials as possible and we encourage you to dispose of any packaging carefully. We also use as little as possible and will never deliver our products with hangers.

Where we have to use packaging, we are working towards a 100% recycled packaging promise by the end of 2021.

Currently 60% of all products have recycled and minimal packaging. We are also working with customers to provide a range of “naked” packaging free products, which reduces single use plastic waste – we will start the roll out of naked products in summer 2021.

Corporate and social responsibility

Helping to save lives

Drowning is the 3rd most common cause of death in children under 5 in the world. Splash About are passionate about driving this figure down and actively promote best practice in and around water for babies from birth through to adulthood.

We believe in actively promoting exercise from the earliest age to help develop a lifelong interest in keeping fit and healthy living. Learning to play in the water is also of huge bonding benefit to parent and child, fostering closer relationships both through education and having fun.

All of our products from birth to adult are developed by our expert development teams to support learning to swim and enjoyment of the water. We work hard to innovate and develop new products each year that enhance our lives without hurting our planet, its resources or our suppliers.