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Meet our 2023 Splash Gurus!

Our Splash Guru program is back, and we have a brand new group of Gurus! Over the next 12 weeks our new Gurus will be testing out our products in their swimming lessons and giving honest reviews and feedback.

Introducing our new Splash Gurus...


Roxanne, Tom and Charlie

"My name is Roxanne and my husband Tom and I are parents to our cheeky 9 month old son Charlie. Tom is from Liverpool and I am from Leeds and we are both primary school teachers who have been lucky enough to teach in the Middle East for the past 7 years. With the year round sunny weather and our love of travelling, swimming is quite a big part of our lives. Charlie is also a real water baby and loves going to his weekly swimming lessons. We are so excited to be Splash Gurus because we absolutely love Splash About! We have used the ‘Happy Nappy’ wetsuits since Charlie’s very first holiday at 3 months old and can’t wait to share more pictures of him wearing his Splash About gear!"

Rosie, Ryan, Lilah and Jude

"Hi! We are the Hardy’s…Rosie, Ryan and these two little loves are Lilah and Jude!

We love spending time out and about, weekend breakfasts (our fave is French toast) and hanging out at home with crafts and games. Never a dull moment in our house…we are very excited to be representing Splash About ❤️"

Laura, Ash, Freya and Heidi

"Hi! We’re the Warren family, from Derbyshire.

We are Laura (mum) - a psychology teacher, Ash (dad) a refrigeration engineer, Freya (5 years old) and Heidi (2 years old). We also have Maisie- a bengal cat.

Freya was born at 29 weeks, and as soon as she could swim we got her in the ‘Noah’s Ark’ Splash About baby wrap so she was nice and warm in the pool. She has worn Splash About swimwear ever since, and absolutely loves her swimming lessons. She also enjoys gymnastics and painting.

Heidi loves swimming lessons with her dad, and dancing. She’s developing into such a confident and funny character. She has facial palsy, which does not bother her one bit! Her favourite thing to do at swimming is jumping in and underwater diving. She chose the ‘up and away’ print and has recently progressed from the wetsuit into a costume- so cute!"

Alice, Sam, Finley and Roo

"Hi, Alice, Sam, Finley (4) and Roo (1) here! We live in the Wiltshire countryside and enjoy all things outdoors, exploring woods, beach trips, camping holidays and of course lots of swimming!

I run a small business, Little Wild Fin, hand making baby and children's clothes with the modelling help from my little wildlings."

Nicola, Antony, William and Poppy

"We are the Iveson’s. Poppy’s early arrival in April 2022 completed our little family. William and Poppy are the stars of the show, and most definitely rule the roost. William is 3, and Poppy is now 10months. From day one, William has been the most doting big brother, and devotes his every minute to caring for Poppy, and making her laugh & smile. We absolutely love to travel and explore new places, and in doing so, introduced both the little ones to the water at a very early age. William loves to share experiences with Poppy in and out of the water, and is keen to teach her everything he knows. We are delighted to have been selected as Splash Gurus for the brand, and are excited to get started!"

Posted on 7th March 2023