You are never too young or too old to learn how to swim. At Splash About we believe passionately in the benefits of swimming and we have developed and invented award winning products to support every age and every type of swimmer. Children learn to swim at their own pace, some require more support than others but in the end they all swim. We believe each child should be given individual support based on their requirements to ensure they learn not only to swim, but how to love the water.

The founders of Splash About started out on a mission to keep children safe in water and we continue that philosophy today, with a wide range of adjustable, flexible and reliable swim aids, designed to meet almost every child’s needs. Learning to swim is a serious business; make sure you have the right equipment, kit and swimming lessons. From extra buoyancy in our multi award winning float jackets, to the superior safety of the float suit.

What is the best way for me to teach my child to swim?

The best way is to book classes with a reputable swim school. Not only do they have tried and tested methods but it is more fun for the child. Either book individual classes or group classes, whatever works for you. To help you find classes in your area simply enter your postcode for a list of schools local to you.

I have heard that arm bands are no longer recommended for learning to swim, is that true?

It is true, arm bands whilst convenient are not great for helping children learn how to swim. They don’t hold the child in the correct position to swim and they also give a false impression of how buoyant their arms are. It’s important to teach children to swim naturally. Floats such as Fings are a great way to start off as they hold the child at chest level and leaving arms free to move about.  Allowing the child better understanding of the principles of swimming. You can also consider other buoyancy equipment such as float suits or jackets for the beginner.

I am embarrassed that as a parent I can’t swim, can I learn as an adult or is it too late?

It is never too late to learn how to swim and many swim schools offer one to one teaching for teens and adults. Don’t put this life skill off any longer, you are missing out on all the fun in the pool and in the sea with your children. Whilst you learn, check out our adult float jackets, these are great to use when you are starting out. (As an aside, my father learnt to swim when he was 37, my brother taught him when he was only ten.) Go on, give it a go, you won’t regret it.


Our top tips:

  1. Make it fun, older toddlers and children can be afraid of waitron their faces, so play games that include splashing.Getting dad wet is always a favourite pool game.
  2. Enrol your child in swim lessons,dont leave it up to the school to teach them. A few lesson a term isn't enough to teach a child water confidence and basics preventing drowning.
  3. Use good swim aids. Armbands just aren't good enough, they don't hold the child in the correct position to swim and create false buoyancy, which is difficult to replicate when the armbands are off.
  4. Little and often- once a week, will help a child get into a good swimming routine, if you add an extra fun trip with siblings or friends this will re-enforce work carried out in the week.
  5.  Just have fun. Swimming is a fun and relaxing activity.

Swim Aids

What is the difference?

Float suits

These great products are part swimming costume and part float jacket. With our unique 16 float buoyancy system there is no safer way to play in, or around water. This is an excellent choice for the beginner swimmer as you can take the floats out as they gain more swim skills. It’s also perfect for holidays giving you peace of mind when they play in or near water. Comes in 3 great styles for extra choice, from original, to short John with extra leg cover and full UV float suit protection for those hot sunny holidays where covering up is essential.

Float Jackets

The original Float Jacket, invented by the founders of Splash About is the basis of which all other float jackets are designed. This fantastic buoyancy aid is great for older beginners and adults, whether they need a bit of extra support or are just starting out. Secured with a robust zip, this jacket is easy to get on and off and contains the adjustable 16 float buoyancy system, so you can adjust the support as needed. Perfect for days out by water so you are always prepared for a dip.


The award winning Fings were invented in the Splash Lab as a move on from woggles and armbands. This unique swim aid is positioned under the chest, so the child is placed correctly in the water. Leaving the arms free to move about. The Fings act as a natural buoyancy booster but do not change the overall positioning of the child. Used by pool side, in swim lessons or simply for children to play with and have fun. Fings are an invaluable part of the learn to swim program.