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  1. Guru Reviews Abigail & Cater: Baby Swimwear Bundle
    Guru Reviews Abigail & Cater: Baby Swimwear Bundle

    Guru Reviews: Baby Swimwear Bundle

    Reviewer: Abigail Fields

    As a Mum of a very active toddler, I know first-hand how important it is to engage in stimulating activities. Swimming has always been a love of mine and it was always something I wanted to involve Carter in. Finding swimwear for babies and toddlers that are suitable for all types of water, be it regular swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools and the sea, can become very expensive. And the fact that your child is continuously growing at the speed of light, doesn’t bode well for our bank balances! The Splash About Baby Swim Kit combines all of those separate swimming costumes into one, for an affordable price, ensuring that they are long lasting and reusable.


    The kit comes with the iconic ‘Happy Nappy’.A staple for every mini swimmer’s wardrobe. This is something we have used since Carter was 8 weeks old at his first swimming lesson and I will forever continue to recommend it. This soft neoprene nappy is kind to delicate skin but secure enough to prevent any leakage into the pool, (which is great peace of mind for any parent). The Happy Nappy, which is worn over the top of a reusable swim nappy can be used in warmer water or can be worn underneath the Baby Wrap for colder swimming conditions.


    The Baby Wrap is perfect for those colder pools and the sea. It is incredibly easy to slip on, and with a wriggly toddler this is something I was extremely grateful for! The shoulders, torso and waist are secured with Velcro which enables you to adjust it specifically to your child’s body shape. (Another incredible money saver!) Both the Happy Nappy and Baby Wrap offer SPF 50+ protection against the sun and come in an array of designs which are certain to excite any young budding swimmer.

    Finally, the kit comes with a reusable swim nappy and a pack of liners. This is something that is very new to me as I’ve always been guilty of buying disposable swim nappies. Not only do they cost a fortune, especially if your child swims on a regular basis, but they are harmful to the environment. The reusable nappy is an incredibly affordable alternative and the liners are 100% biodegradable (you can even flush them). They fit under the Happy Nappy perfectly and work just as well as the disposable nappies, but save you money in the process!

    Featured Product:

    Baby Swimwear Bundle


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  2. Guru Reviews Samantha & Logan: Go Splash Swim Vest
    Guru Reviews Samantha & Logan: Go Splash Swim Vest

    Guru Reviews: Go Splash Swim Vest

    Reviewer: Samantha Humphreys

    The Splash About Go Splash Swim Vest is an excellent swim aid when your child is learning to swim and needs that extra bit of confidence in the water. Logan has swam in lessons since he was 8 weeks old but when I was about to pop with Evie we took a break from lessons as he was dealing with some separation anxiety and his next lot of lessons required him going into the pool by himself. After this he was very reluctant to try and practice his swimming and nearly lost all confidence he had in the pool, even with armbands on he felt like he was going to sink.  

    When we received the swim vest he was unsure at first at wearing a vest around him while swimming. However he soon realised how incredibly comfy it was to wear and easy enough to put on and zip up himself.


    We took it away with us on holiday to Butlins for the week and it is compact enough for travel and can fit rolled in his swim bag or flat in a suitcase as it is nice and flexible.

    After reassuring him that he was ok to swim with it in the pool he took the leap and left my arms and swam over to the side. Excited that he didn't sink and he felt more freedom than he did with armbands, there was then no stopping him! He was off and swimming away, it was such a lovely sight to see after we had struggled for so long at getting him to try.

    To quote Logan 'It's awesome! Good and great!' and got a thumbs up when we got out the pool. He couldn't wait to go swimming again.

    There are some gorgeous bright designs on the Splash About Website. They are a great alternative to armbands - easy to hook over your arm when heading to the changing rooms and no prep required before you head into the pool. We also found due to the high quality neoprene it was so fast drying and perfect for Holiday when kids are in and out of the pool. We've used it quite a few times now and it has washed up lovely and we have experienced no fading to the product.

    Lots of people have asked me about it when we've been in the pool and always comment on the great design. Logan would have one in every colour if he could. We will be packing it in our suitcase when we head to America later in the year!

    It is especially good that it gives that extra layer of sun protection when around the pool and at the beach without making them too hot.

    I can't wait to see how Logan's swimming develops with his confidence at having the vest on. It allows us to relax a bit more while swimming knowing he isn't in a panic about being on the surface. It is a swim aid but he has never gone under the water while wearing it and quite happy to swim out into water where he can't reach the bottom of the pool. It has made all the difference to our family swimming experience and we highly recommend it. They come in ages 1-2 Years, 2-4 Years and 4-6 Years and I can't wait to try one out on Evie too to allow her more freedom in the pool, I don't think we'll ever go back to armbands now!

    Featured Product:

    Go Splash Swim Vest Vintage Moby

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  3. Guru Reviews Kelly & Eliza: Happy Nappy Wetsuit
    Guru Reviews Kelly & Eliza: Happy Nappy Wetsuit

    Guru Reviews: Happy Nappy Wetsuit Nina's Ark

    Reviewer: Kelly Edmonds

    Eliza has loved swimming lessons, holiday pools and paddling pools this summer. Her super cute swimsuit has enabled her to take full advantage of water play .

    So I was a bit skeptical at first that the swim suit actually did anything other look great and work as a nappy., we did a bit of a experiment. I took her swimming with her brother (Age 5) in just a regular swim suit.Eliza had so much fun but only lasted about 30 min In the pool before she got cold. Her brother was not a happy boy with as he was still enjoying himself.

    The following week we tried again, but this time put her splash about suite on. What a success ! she stayed in the pool happy until we were all ready to get out, not only this but I noticed she was happier when getting changed and when I took it off her tummy was lovely and warm!

    The swim suit made the whole experience less rushed and more fun and relaxing for us all.

    The suit has also meant that she can enjoy the big padding pool in the garden and take advantage of this glorious weather with all the family.

    It’s so quick to dry that she is able to take it off for a food break and then when she is ready to play in the water again the suit is dry and ready too!

    This gorgeous suit is so easy to get on and off her too. I would advise putting a splash about nappy liner or disposable nappy underneath, just incase !

    I highly recommend this product, I love how it fits her and will last from 6 to 14months so we can get good use out of it. It’s tight like a nappy should be so we know there will be no pool accidents. It’s comfortable for her to walk and swim and just so practical and looks amazing!

    It’s definitely a must have for fun in the water !

    Featured Product:

    Happy Nappy Wetsuit Nina's Ark

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  4. Guru Reviews Emma & Eva: UV Floatsuit, Sun Hat & Rash Top
    Guru Reviews Emma & Eva: UV Floatsuit, Sun Hat & Rash Top

    Guru Reviews: UV Floatsuit, Sun Hat & Rash Tops

    Reviewer: Emma Mitchell

    We’ve just been on holiday to Cornwall and decided it was the best time to try out our new Splash About goodies! (As well as few that we’ve already reviewed!)

    Firstly we decided to get the bucket hat in white, we went for the slightly bigger size as although the smaller size fit her perfectly I thought the bigger would fit her for longer and I’m so glad I did, I had to fold the front over slightly so that she could see where she was going but it was big enough that it covered the back of her neck, with her fair skin I really worry about her burning in the sun but this provided piece of mind. It’s lovely and soft and she actually kept it on all week! Any parent of a toddler will know that that’s an achievement!

    We spent one day on the beach and Eva wore her UV Rash Top in the Flora Bimbi design. It’s so pretty, I fell in love as soon as I saw it and Eva was excited to wear it! Again, we went for the slightly bigger one purely because Eva is currently in between most 1-2 and 2-3 clothes and we decided the bigger one would last longer. The length of sleeves and body fit her perfectly with plenty of room to grow. The zip fastening makes it really easy to take on and off. We went for the long sleeve option to keep her that little bit more covered and as it’s UV protected, again, I had that piece of mind that she was protected. The top kept her cool on a really hot sunny day but equally warmed her up again after being in the cold British sea!

    Eva wore her Apple Daisy UV floatsuit when we went into the sea, we’ve already done a detailed review of the floatsuit for you to have a look at (long story short - best thing ever!). And throughout our beach day she wore her Happy Nappy in the Nina’s Ark design, which we’ve also reviewed, it’s worth mentioning that we’ve now had this Happy Nappy for a few months, it’s been used at least once a week and it still looks brand new!

    Thanks to Splash About for keeping Eva safe and stylish on her holiday!

    Featured Product:

    UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

    UV Rash Top Long Sleeve Rash Top Flora Bimbi

    Bucket Hat White

    New Happy Nappy Nina's Ark 


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  5. Guru Reviews Samantha & Evie: Happy Nappy Costume
    Guru Reviews Samantha & Evie: Happy Nappy Costume

    Guru Reviews: Happy Nappy Costume

    Reviewers: Samantha Humphreys

    Both of my babies have been in swimming lessons since around 8 weeks old. As a requirement of most baby swimming lessons is the double nappy system - a swim nappy and then a happy nappy over the top to contain leaks - we have had a variety of Happy Nappy designs and brands over the last 5 years. As any second child will know, being given hand me downs comes part and parcel from your sibling, so when I had my Evie girl, she simply wore a Happy Nappy underneath a normal swimming costume for her swimming lesson or sometimes just the Happy Nappy on it's own. I had seen a couple of baby girls in the Navy Splash About Happy Nappy costumes and just couldn't wait to try one out. We picked the Garden Birds design as I loved the blue for girls with the bright yellow for the summer.

    There are certainly many pretty designs to choose from, you can see all of them in more detail on the Splash About Website.

    The first thing I noticed about the Happy Nappy costume was how much easier it was to get on over Evie's chubby thighs and pull straight up and on her. My first born, Logan, was a skinny little baby and I never had any trouble with a Happy Nappy over his thighs but miss Evie has always had chunky legs and the battle to squish them in and up over her bum was a tough one. The costume makes it easy to pull up using the top of the costume over their arms and then you can adjust around their legs as required. The bottom stretches with them and I've never had any problems with the fit around her chubby thighs. 

    The bottom of the costume is soft neoprene and lovely against their skin, while the top part of the costume is super soft nylon-lycra and doesn't irritate or blotch the skin and loose enough for them to be comfy and not mark the skin. We have washed our costume many times since March and it still maintains its beautiful colour and shape and always dries quickly.

    We use our costume for our weekly Waterbabies swimming lessons and I find the material easy to hold in the water and not too slippery at all. It's great to know that any nappy incidents are contained and after a certain paddling pool incident at home, we use our costume for garden playing too!

    We recently took a trip to our rather stoney local beach and I loved that the bottom of the happy nappy was that bit of extra padding to with stand Evie's flop downs on her bottom while she mastered her walking and it helped keep sand out of all the wrong places too. We've had lots of compliments on the design of her swimming costume and I can't wait to add more to our collection.

    Every Happy Nappy I've had in the past has always lasted us many weekly swimming lessons, I've only replaced them because my babies have grown out of them! No fading or wearing away like traditional swimming costumes and when Evie sees her bright coloured costume she knows it’s time for another Swim Day! We highly recommend the Happy Nappy Swimming Costume for both its practicality and its beautiful designs.  

    Sam & Evie

    Featured Product:

    Happy Nappy Costune Garden Birds 

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  6. Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit
    Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit

    Guru Reviews: UV Sun & Sea Suit Garden Birds

    Reviewer: Isabelle Summers

    The UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit is perfect for the cooler British summer. Protecting from those harmful sun rays whilst keeping your child warm. I couldn’t believe how warm Alyce was after splashing around for over an hour! She was able to move freely and look stylish at the same time.

    The super cute bird print made her truly stand out from the crowd. It is so easy to take on and off too so no messing around with a wriggly baby or toddler. I would recommend this product to everyone! Thanks again team Splashabout.


    Featured Product:

    UV Sun & Sea Wetsuit Garden Birds

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  7. Guru Reviews Eva & Emma: UV Floatsuit
    Guru Reviews Eva & Emma: UV Floatsuit

    Guru Reviews: UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

    Reviewer: Emma Mitchell

    We had the opportunity to test out Splash Abouts UV Floatsuit in the Apple Daisy design and we put it to the test during a beach trip to Broad Haven South in Pembrokeshire.

    I really like the design and look of the product, Eva is wearing age 2-4 years and she’s not quite 2 yet, it’s fits perfectly and definitely has plenty of growing room so I’m sure we will get lots of use out of it. The new zip feature is a massive improvement on the previous poppers, not only is it quicker to do up with a wriggly toddler, the zip also comes down a lot further, to the bottom of the floats which makes getting it on and off so much easier.

    I did wonder whether the floats might restrict Eva’s movement a little but they didn’t seem to at all, she was able to run, jump, splash about just as much as without them. Another worry was whether on a hot day she might get too hot around her waist but again, didn’t seem to be a problem at all. Each float can be taken out one by one and although we didn’t go into particularly deep water, I do have some children use these in their swimming lessons with me and the floats are a big confidence booster for them, it’s brilliant to be able to take them out one by one as swimming and confidence improves rather than it being all or nothing as with other swim products.

    My only slight annoyance with the Floatsuit is that sand seems to really get stuck into the material, after this one use the material around the legs and floats is quite full of sand and while some can be wiped away, a lot of it is ingrained into the material and being so light in colour, it’s quite obvious. But maybe that’s just the perfectionist in me! It certainly wouldn’t stop me using it, I love that the floats are there for added piece of mind and the massive bonus, it being UV protected, I really worry about her delicate skin in the sun so this was a great piece of mind!

    Another brilliant product from Splash About!

    Featured Products:

    UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

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  8. Guru Reviews Lucy and Isla: Baby Wrap, Happy Nappy & Splash Pals
    Guru Reviews Lucy and Isla: Baby Wrap, Happy Nappy & Splash Pals

    Guru Reviews: Baby Wrap, Nappy & Splash pal review

    Reviewer: Lucy Theaker

    So we was given the Garden Birds Happy Nappy and Baby Wrap to try out on Isla. Sooooooo happy I have been lusting over this pattern for a while and it's even more beautiful in the flesh!

    We have used Splash About Happy Nappies on Isla since she started her swim lessons at around 14 weeks.

    They have always fit her lovely and allowed her movement in the water. We have never needed to wear a wrap during her swim lessons because the pool is lovely and toasty. I am loving the new designed Happy Nappy, the fit is lovely, and appears a nicer fit than her previous happy nappies. This Happy Nappy is a large (6-12 months) and the wrap (6-18 months) which is a true fit for my now 7.5 month little lady.

    The nappy has a deeper waist band that rises higher on her tummy and back which provides confidence incase of little leaks. Luckily we have haven't been in the situation yet to test this out??. The Happy Nappy stayed put in the water, it didn't twist or roll down. I love that the wrap will grow with her so will last a long time (until 18 months) such good value for money for parents.

    Isla appears comfortable in her Happy Nappy and wrap, she is able to wriggle, kick and splash wish ease. This is really important in her swim lessons.

    Oh and Isla is loving her new penguin Splash Pal. The packaging shows there is 4 to collect, a seal, turtle, platypus and the penguin. We need them all . Our splash pal joins us in the bath, pool, paddling pool, car seat- everywhere really. His feet are especially great for chomping on. It doesn't feel like a typical bath toy- it's squidgy, and it's brilliant at floating. My pet peeve with bath toys is that they don't float how they are supposed to, Isla's Splash Pal (yet to name) self rights in the water to float on its back perfect.

    Featured Products:

    Baby Wrap Garden Birds

    New Happy Nappy Garden Birds

    Splash Pal Penguin 

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  9. Guru Reviews Jess, Woody and Nora: Rash Tops & Swimming Costume
    Guru Reviews Jess, Woody and Nora: Rash Tops & Swimming Costume

    Guru Reviews- Board Shorts and Short Sleeve Rash Top

    Reviewer: Jess Lathan and Woody

    6thNovember 2017

    I’ve never received a more adorable delivery than when I opened a parcel containing a tiny pair of board shorts for my tiny little dude. Made from the softest blue fabric and featuring a super sweet turtle design, I knew that these would be well worn on our holiday.

    The fabric is UPF 50 which ensures you aren’t worrying about the suns harmful rays whilst your little guy hits the pool. The shorts, teamed with the super sweet short sleeved rash top made the perfect pool side outfit. Again, the UPF 50 fabric provides sensitive skin with the highest level of protection.

    Woody looked completely adorable in his Splash About outfit and was so comfortable whilst playing in the sand and by the poolside. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this set for our next summer holiday.


    Guru Reviews- Swimming Costume and Rash Top

    Reviewer: Jess Lathan and Nora

    6thNovember 2017

    We received the beautiful de birdie print swimming costume and rash top for Nora for our long awaited summer holidays. The pieces fit Nora perfectly and she said they were super comfy to wear.

    Not only did the top provide Nora with protection from the suns rays, it proved to be even more useful as a rash top. Poor Nora ended up with prickly heat all over her chest and back due to a high factor suncream and lots of pool time but having the rash top meant we could leave her without the high SPF cream on her itchy parts and allow the rash to calm down without worrying about her getting burnt. It really was so useful for us.

    I know when I was a child on family holidays, there wasn’t such an emphasis placed on sun protection but now, it is in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Our children’s skin is so precious and sensitive and having something to use like the Splash About rash top and costume is so helpful to us parents, anything to make us worry a little less is a huge plus in my books.

    Featured Products:

    Board Shorts Turtle Mania

    Rash Top Short Sleeve Turtle Mania

    Rash Top Short Sleeve Birdy

    Swimming Costume Birdy

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  10. Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Floatsuit
    Guru Reviews Isabelle and Alyce: UV Floatsuit

    Guru Reviews- UV FloatSuit

    Reviewer: Isabelle Summers

    28th June 2017

    The float suit is incredible! It was absolutely amazing to watch our 20 month old daughter swimming solo on holiday without any fear. She would stand at the side of the pool, jump in, swim to the other side and repeat and would not let me or her father help her!

    It is so amazing to see her so independent and confident in the pool and having so much fun too. Definitely a recommended product. In fact, a necessity for all summer holidays!

    Featured Products:

    UV Floatsuit Flora Bimbi

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