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things to do with kids

  1. Kids Quarantine Quiz

    Kids Quarantine Quiz
    Disney Round What is the name of Minnie Mouse’s pet cat?Answer: Figaro  What is the name of Peter Pan’s fairy friend?Answer: Tinkerbell Who is Ariel’s fishy friend in “The Little Mermaid”?Answer: Flounder  In the song “Let it Go” What does Elsa say “never bothered me anyway”?Answer: The cold In Aladdin, what is Jasmine’s pet tiger called?Answer: Rajah Books Round What...
  2. Lockdown Lifesavers

    Lockdown Lifesavers
    There is no getting away from it. School is out and parents around the country are holding their heads in their hands at the prospect of a career change into teaching!  Timetables that were written in week one are now at the bottom of the recycling bin and children are tired of exasperated parents telling them “well that’s how we...
  3. Splash-tastic Gingerbread Babies!

    Splash-tastic Gingerbread Babies!
    We’re feeling festive this Christmas and decided to try our hand at baking some Happy Nappy themed gingerbread babies. They make the perfect after swim snack! They are super easy to make and are ideal for keeping children occupied during the holidays. If they’re baking cookies they won’t be hunting for presents! Here’s how to make them… What you’ll need...
  4. 10 Tips For The Perfect Pre-School Pool Party

    10 Tips For The Perfect Pre-School Pool Party
    Pool parties for young children are great fun and can help a child’s social and emotional development. Spending time with their peers is vital at this stage in life to help them develop empathy, trust and personal awareness, and the pool..

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