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  1. Baby London Oct 2015

    Baby London Oct 2015
    Best Travel Product
  2. ASA Baby Swimming

    ASA Baby Swimming
    New Baby Swimming Guidelines
  3. Gurgle Magazine July 2015

    Gurgle Magazine July 2015
    The July 2015 issue of Gurgle features a selection of Holiday Shop swimwear.
  4. Toddlers love to Splash About

    Toddlers love to Splash About
    Baby swim classes are taught until babies and toddlers are 4 years old and it’s known in the industry as pre fundamental swimming. It’s of huge benefit to young children, helping development from hand eye coordination to balance.
  5. Float Jackets

    Float Jackets
    Robin Goodwin invented the first neoprene float jacket swimming aid in 1988 and then
  6. Super Monday

    Super Monday
    Today is Dday at the Splash Lab, it marks the start of the 2015 roll out of all our new products and it’s mayhem. Not only do we have new designer wear for Baby Swimming, we are also
  7. Bath Time Safety

    Bath Time Safety
    In the past 24 hours a number of articles have been written about bath seat dangers including pieces from the Daily mail, The Public Heath Authority and ROSPA to name a few.
  8. Limited Editions and Last Chance to Buy

    Limited Editions and Last Chance to Buy
    The Splash marketing department tell me that Limited Edition runs are the way forward. That way, everyone can have something a bit different. Apparently it’s called Massclusivity!
  9. Back to School, Back to Swim school

    Back to School, Back to Swim school
    It’s January, some of us will still be focused on New Years resolutions and some of us will have already given up (Sarah, design department!) but the one thing we all have in common is getting back into the swing of term time...
  10. Welcome to our Brand New Website

    Welcome to our Brand New Website
    Welcome to the all new Splash About website. The development of which has been exciting and traumatic in equal measure. Actually, that’s not true, it’s just mostly been traumatic. Who knew there was so much to say about what we do..

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