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kids holidays

  1. How to make Pom Pom Animals

    How to make Pom Pom Animals
    How to make a Pom Pom You will need:CardboardPencilCup or bowl to draw aroundWoolScissorsPaper to decorateAn adult to help Instructions: Cut out 2 cardboard circles. (the bigger the circle the bigger the pom pom) Use a beaker or small bowl to draw around for a perfect circle. Carefully cut out a hole in middle so the circles look like donuts...
  2. Splash-tastic Gingerbread Babies!

    Splash-tastic Gingerbread Babies!
    We’re feeling festive this Christmas and decided to try our hand at baking some Happy Nappy themed gingerbread babies. They make the perfect after swim snack! They are super easy to make and are ideal for keeping children occupied during the holidays. If they’re baking cookies they won’t be hunting for presents! Here’s how to make them… What you’ll need...

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