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British Standards For Baby Swimming
Posted on 11th November 2014

Splash About is very proud to be working alongside Waterbabies and the ASA to create the new British Standard for baby and Toddler Swimming. Currently there are no standards regulating the teaching of babies or toddlers to swim in the UK or in Europe, which is unacceptable. Parents have the right to expect the very best care for their children when they take them swimming. This PAS will set a minimum standard of care and safeguarding to make sure Parents and carers can make the most informed choice when it comes to choosing a teacher, a swim school and a pool.

The British Standard will cover all areas of baby and toddler swimming up to age 4. It will recommend minimum standards for not only teaching, but also equipment, what to wear including a neoprene Nappy as standard. It will also cover the currently unregulated area of underwater photography which is becoming increasingly popular with swim schools.

I will keep you updated as we progress through the British Standards processes, which are rigorous, as you would expect. But we hope that by September 2015 there will be a government approved minimum standard for all baby and toddler swimming and that this will better protect children in and around of the pool during lessons.