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Meet our Guru's Part 3
Posted on 10th July 2017

Meet our 3rd group of Splash Guru's

Kerry Stubbs and Parker

Hi! I'm Parker and I'm 9 months old. My mummy Kerry, works with animals (she's a veterinary nurse) and daddy Duncan, works with hearts (he's a cardiac physiologist). They got married six years ago and then last September I arrived! They say I'm their little man and the most amazing thing to come into their lives, a really cheeky little chappie! I don't have any brothers or sisters but Madge, Penny, Douglas and snip (our doggies and pussycats) live with us here in Staffordshire.

My most favourite things in the world are making big splashes in the swimming pool (and bath), bouncing up and down and broccoli, not all at the same time, but if mummy would let me I'd give it a good go!"

Lucy Theaker and Isa

Hi I'm Lucy, this is my husband Danny and our little lady Isla Primrose. Isla is 6 months old and our first baby. We are having a fabulous time now being a family of 3 and love days out altogether. Isla has developed a love for food- especially pears. She also loves swimming, books and everything Disney (which mummy is very pleased about and had absolutely no influence over at all!!!)

Lauren Mytton, and Ivy and Ameila

We are the Evans family from South Wales.

Lauren (Mum) is a student midwife, Dale (Dad) is a gas technician and they have been together for 9 years. Little Amelia Grace is 5 years old and has a few developmental delays, we are really pleased to have been chosen as Guru’s by Splash About and delighted that Amelia can enjoy being in the water because she wears her Splash Jammers to protect from any incidents! Amelia swims in our local disability class and regularly at school and finds incredible amounts of enjoyment from being in the water.

Ivy Mae is 9 months old and our little water baby! She has been swimming with swimkidz for a few months and wearing Splash About products since she was just a few weeks old! Ivy LOVES the water, enjoys kicking during her lessons and her underwater diving. Splash About’s wet suit products allowed Ivy to join her sister in our local pool when she was only a few weeks old.