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Guru Reviews Eva & Emma: UV Floatsuit
Posted on 2nd July 2018

Guru Reviews: UV Floatsuit Apple Daisy

Reviewer: Emma Mitchell

We had the opportunity to test out Splash Abouts UV Floatsuit in the Apple Daisy design and we put it to the test during a beach trip to Broad Haven South in Pembrokeshire.

I really like the design and look of the product, Eva is wearing age 2-4 years and she’s not quite 2 yet, it’s fits perfectly and definitely has plenty of growing room so I’m sure we will get lots of use out of it. The new zip feature is a massive improvement on the previous poppers, not only is it quicker to do up with a wriggly toddler, the zip also comes down a lot further, to the bottom of the floats which makes getting it on and off so much easier.


I did wonder whether the floats might restrict Eva’s movement a little but they didn’t seem to at all, she was able to run, jump, splash about just as much as without them. Another worry was whether on a hot day she might get too hot around her waist but again, didn’t seem to be a problem at all. Each float can be taken out one by one and although we didn’t go into particularly deep water, I do have some children use these in their swimming lessons with me and the floats are a big confidence booster for them, it’s brilliant to be able to take them out one by one as swimming and confidence improves rather than it being all or nothing as with other swim products.

My only slight annoyance with the Floatsuit is that sand seems to really get stuck into the material, after this one use the material around the legs and floats is quite full of sand and while some can be wiped away, a lot of it is ingrained into the material and being so light in colour, it’s quite obvious. But maybe that’s just the perfectionist in me! It certainly wouldn’t stop me using it, I love that the floats are there for added piece of mind and the massive bonus, it being UV protected, I really worry about her delicate skin in the sun so this was a great piece of mind!

Another brilliant product from Splash About!

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