Guru Review- Happy Nappy & BabyWrap Nina’s Ark

Reviewer: Emma Mitchell with Eva

18 April 2018

We absolutely love the Ninas Ark BabyWrap and Nappy Cover! The design is absolutely beautiful and really stands out.

What I’m most impressed by is the fabric quality. It’s unbelievably soft and flexible. The fabric which sits around the waist and thighs on the Nappy fits perfectly without digging in, we have previously used other brand which are so rigid that little legs found it hard to move freely but this was perfect, we had lots of kicking legs throughout the lesson!


The wrap is the same, other brands are much more rigid but this didn’t restrict Eva at all, she was able to carry on jumping in, turning around and climbing out of the pool as easily as she would if wearing just a swimming costume, with the added benefit of being kept warm!

We are officially converted to Splash About, the quality is second to none!

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