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Posted 17th August 2021

Happy Nappy Duo™

Scientifically proven to kill pathogens including Cryptosporidium, E.coli and COVID19.

Splash About launches new swim nappy scientifically proven to keep faecal bacteria out of pool water 

Baby and children’s safety swimwear brand, Splash About has today launched a new swim nappy, set to transform the baby swim market. 

Scientifically developed and intensively tested over four years, the Happy Nappy DUO™is the first swim nappy proven to keep harmful bacteria and viruses - including Covid 19, Ecoli and Cryptosporidium, which can’t easily be killed by chlorine alone - out of pool water. 

The Happy Nappy DUO™ is the most technologically advanced reusable swim nappy available on the global market today and it works thanks to the innovative Silver Lining fabric inside the Happy Nappy. 

Silver has natural anti-bacterial properties and is gentle on delicate baby skin. Designed to hold and trap any faecal matter, the Silver Lining destroys any bacteria or viruses present in the nappy. This means water or urine mixing with faecal matter that leaks out into the pool is virtually sterile, it is less likely to carry harmful diseases and ensures pool water is clean and safe for all swimmers. 

“Splash About has always strived to make swimming safe; our market leading Happy Nappy™ swim nappy is insisted upon by over 90% of baby swim schools because it offers the greatest protection against solid faecal leaks, however a watertight swim nappy would be the Holy Grail.” said Lesley Beach, Finance and Operations Director at Splash About International.  

Lesley continued, “Creating a completely watertight swim nappy is a tough challenge given that all babies are different shapes and sizes, and even if a few drops of pool water penetrated the nappy, it wouldn’t be classed as watertight. To tackle this, we turned the problem on its head and focused on destroying any bacteria and viruses within the nappy, ensuring any liquid leaking out is far less likely to carry harmful diseases, and the Happy Nappy DUO™ is the result. With its own protective inner lining, the Happy Nappy DUO™ is the ultimate 2-in-1 swim nappy because it provides the protective double protective layer system required by baby swim schools in the UK.” 

Bernadette Spofforth, Managing Director at Splash About added, “The DUO™ is a milestone development; not only for the swimming industry because it’s our duty to protect the water clients swim in, from babies right up to the elderly. But there’s also the environmental impact to consider; millions of disposable (swim) nappies end up in landfill every year, they are one of the biggest global contributors to single-use plastic - it can take up to 500 years for just one to decompose. Choosing this reusable swim nappy means reducing our waste levels and lowering our environmental footprint and ensuring pool water is as clean as it can be - which can only be a positive thing.”

The DUO’s effectiveness extends out of the pool too; disposable swim nappies, which can be less effective at containing faecal matter, pose an ongoing health risk and could create the possibility of contamination in changing rooms. Covid 19 has been found in faecal matter, which poses a risk of transference to bins in changing rooms, potentially exposing pool staff who empty the bins as well as changing room users to infection. Swapping a disposable for the DUO would significantly reduce this risk. 

The Happy Nappy DUO™ is suitable from birth to 3 years and has an RRP of £17.  It is available now in five beautiful designs