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Revolutionary Launch of the New Fings
Posted on 22nd July 2013

Revolutionary NEW Fings from Splash About are yet another fantastic new launch in our growing range of buoyancy and swim aids. Made out of unpuncturable closed cell foam, these bright yellow Fings leave your little one feeling like the coolest kid in the pool.

Knowing the importance in keeping a low body profile in water, Splash About met with the guru’s and god’s of all things buoyancy and swim related (not to mention of course, the all-important swim instructors) to design and create a product that would revolutionise the use of buoyancy aids, particularly in swim classes.

So how do they work?

Splash About Fings’ main point of practice is to give children and babies the ability to stay afloat in water whilst maintaining a natural feel for water balance. Fings are a self-adjusting buoyancy aid and unlike most alternative options on the market, such as arm bands or woggles, Fings provide a child with a much lower and more natural swim position whilst also supporting and maintaining a natural up thrust in water. Their unique shape removes any restriction of movement in the arms and legs of a child - a vital practice in learning to swim - as movement must feel natural and free in order to improve water confidence and independence.

Little Splashers

We spoke to Jo at Little Splashers, who trialled our Fings for us; ‘We all know how important it is to keep a low body profile in water and eye contact with your little ones – Fings are great for doing just that.’ Jo went on to say, ‘my 9-12 month old babies felt very comfortable on them [especially Leonie], what we liked were that her arms and legs were free to pull and kick. If you compare this position to a Woggle at this age, the movement isn’t as free, as the woggle mostly rests under the arms and the baby is left positioned more upright.’

In a further discussion with Little Splashers, it became clear to us that Splash About Fings could become a great ‘alternative teaching tool’ to the conventional woggle. With a few toddlers going through ‘woggle wobbles’, this time can be especially discouraging for parents as their little fish seems to no longer enjoy swimming and becomes consistent in their dislike to woggles. With little alternative on the market for buoyancy aids, it often becomes hard for both parent and child to overcome little wobbles in water. ‘Fings are great to build independence and regain water confidence as a substitute buoyancy aid. They offer alternative holds and movements in the water much different to the woggle; I can see lots of parents and babies as a group loving this one.’

Little Splashers explained to us that ‘more often than not parents are willing to try something new, if a parent is positive in their approach, the child will readily accept them.’

Little Splashers Swim School have classes throughout Warwickshire and Leicestershire, and specialise with babies from two months to children up to four years. With expert swim coaches using the latest swim techniques and exciting play activites, learning to swim is made fun and progressive. Click the link for more information http://www.littlesplashers.co.uk/

Swim Kidz have introduced Fings into their classes across all their regions and they have been ‘well received by parents and more importantly the children!’ Swim Kidz added that due to the ‘comfort and appearance of the product, we at Swim Kidz are looking forward to extending their use to the older toddlers once the bigger sizes come into stock!’

Swim Kidz have various classes based around London and in South Wales. Priding themselves in their expert instructors and a focus to a more traditional approach to swimming lessons, Swim Kidz teach a wide range of ages starting from birth to 7 years all staged across their progression groups of baby, toddler and child. Click the link for more information http://www.swimkidz.co.uk/


Our larger sizes of Fings are in stock now and available for order in sizes Small (3-15 months), Medium (15 months-3 years) and Large (3-7 years). Remaining at their introductory price of only £14.99 until the end of August, Splash About Fings are perfect for Summer Holidays!