At Splash About safety and quality has always been a vital part of our product offering. It’s something we are very proud of and something that became even more important at the start of the COVID19 outbreak in the UK.

Like many businesses we have extensive offices and a busy warehouse and we were anxious to keep everyone as safe as possible, so after seeing reports of facemarks being required in countries such and Taiwan and South Korea, two countries that have handled their own outbreaks so well,  we decided to try and protect our own staff in the same way. 

Now, PPE is a sore subject, we certainly didn't want to take product away from vital services such as the NHS or Care homes, so we contacted our trusted factories and asked if they could help. Not only could they help, but they could also supply as much as we needed, so we partnered with a local food factory and placed some orders.

Shortly after the products all arrived we made the decision to close Splash About's offices and leave a skeleton staff only, this meant we had lots of spare  PPE, so we were able to supply at our own cost price to any local business who needed it and we were so pleased to be able to help them all. It is a difficult time and we firmly believe we are all in this together, which means helping out where possible.

As we now move into June and the UK looks likely to begin to reopen many sectors, face masks for the general public are being talked about again, with this in mind and in the same spirit of wanting to help, we have put our different types of face masks on the Splash About website for any of our customers to buy. This is not an attempt to make profit, indeed were are simply covering our costs. It’s to ensure you can buy a face mask from a company you can trust. 

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Bernadette Spofforth
Managing Director at Splash About