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A Wetsuit For Every Baby
Posted on 7th February 2017

Baby wetsuits are an essential part of your baby swim kit, as a warm baby is a happy baby. They also allow babies to spend longer in the pool without getting cold.

At Splash About we have invented and designed the largest variety of baby wetsuit's in the world, multi award winning and recommended by professionals they are perfect for keeping babies and toddlers warm in the pool. Each wetsuit has its own unique design and  different specialist features but, all our baby wetsuit's allow parents a safer swimming experience as the material allows additional grip of your baby during and after swimming.

Our wetsuits offer different types of warmth and coverage depending on your baby’s needs.

Happy Nappy Wetsuit

The multi award winning Happy Nappy Wetsuit is loved by parents and swim teachers all over the world. A great value for money product, it combines a baby wetsuit and full a Happy Nappy in one, giving swim teachers piece of mind regarding faecal leaks in the pool. Made from super soft 1mm thick Neoprene and ¾ length arms, these keep the core body warm in and out of the pool. Fully approved by swim schools and the No1. choice of wetsuit for young babies through to toddlers. 

Baby Wrap

The original Splash About Baby Wrap is made from 2mm thick Neoprene and opens completely flat, making it our easiest wetsuit to get on and off wriggly babies. Ideal for young babies and first-time wetsuit wearers as there is no struggle to get the wetsuit on and off. The adjustable Velcro fastening allows a snug fit which can be adjusted. The Baby Wrap provides core body warmth whilst in the pool, without restricting movement of the arms and legs. Fits perfectly over the Splash About Happy Nappy.

Warm in One

The Splash About Warm In One is our warmest baby wetsuit, which provides complete coverage with full length arms and legs. Made from fleece lined TPU, it keeps even the coldest of babies warm in the pool. Perfect for babies with eczema as it helps to keep barrier creams in place whilst in the pool. The Warm In One is easy to get on and off with a wide opening back and Velcro fastening. Designed for babies who are sensitive to the cold and need extra warmth in the pool. They are also perfect for cooler months when extra warmth is needed.

UV Combie Wetsuit

For older more active toddlers and young children the UV Combie Wetsuit is a great solution, providing all over warmth for children who need it at their swim lesson. Made from Neoprene and Nylon Lycra this provides a little extra warmth where needed. The UV Combie’s are also perfect for UK holidays at the beach, their lightweight material allows a little extra warmth whilst also protecting against sun, wind and sand.



Here at Splash About we pride ourselves on our market leading pioneering product range and continuously strive to provide solutions to suit all requirements. Make sure you look for the original Splash About name to ensure the highest quality of wetsuit for your baby.

Happy swimming!