1. Winter Swimming
    Winter Swimming

    Swimming in the winter? Are you serious?

    Yes really, I know you don’t feel much like battling the rain and wind on the way to the changing rooms from the car, but trust me you and your baby are worth it.

    Although it’s tempting to stay inside and keep warm, studies show that getting out and about even in the fiercest of weather is great for body and soul. Winter can be especially hard on new mums and can isolate them from friends and family leaving them feeling lonely. Baby and toddler swimming lessons are a great way of meeting and mixing with other mums and allows babies the time to socialize with other babies. Plus getting out of the house for a few hours will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling more relaxed. I promise. So if you aren’t enrolled in lessons, have a look for your local baby swim class by using our ‘Find a Swim School’ checker. Start a new hobby this winter!

    There are of course other things to consider with winter swimming, even though pools are lovely and warm, it’s important that babies and toddlers don’t feel too chilly in changing rooms, where the air is cooler this time of year. We recommend wrapping up even when in the pool and have developed a range of specialist baby swimwear for even the coldest of days.


    Fleecy wetsuit – This cuddly Warm In One is the perfect way for your baby to keep warm even in cooler pools. This super soft fleece lined wetsuit, is easy to get on and off and will insulate babies body, legs and arms, helping them to regulate their body temperature and enjoy the water for longer.



    Happy Nappy Wetsuit – This super value wetsuit has a built in Happy Nappy that means it’s perfect for all baby swim classes. Made from super soft neoprene, the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the choice of swim teachers and thousands of babies agree.




    Baby Wrap – For chunky toddlers and slippery newborns the BabyWrap is the most versatile of wetsuits, designed to keep the core body warm, leaving maximum movement for arms and legs to kick and splash. Perfect for those most energetic little people.



    Swim Hat – Not only do these hats keep little heads warm but they also serve to protect sensitive skin from chlorine.


    Keeping warm after swimming, can be tricky and our range of wetsuits will continue to keep baby warm even in the chilliest of changing room whilst you get dressed. Our waterproof, antibacterial Changing Mat is great for baby to lie on and our range of Apres Splash cuddly toweling all in ones and hooded towels make dressing a much less stressful task.

    Come on, get out there this winter and enjoy the benefits baby swimming brings to both of you.


  2. Tum To Mum
    Tum To Mum

    Parent blogger from Tum to Mum recommends our Splash Jammers to avoid any ‘code brown’ incidents in the pool when potty training toddlers. Read why she loves them here

  3. WanderMustFamily
    Luxury travel blogger WanderMustFamily says your toddler will have the “best swim wardrobe on the beach” check out her toddler travel essentials here
  4. Christmas 2017 unique gifts for babies and toddlers
    Christmas 2017 unique gifts for babies and toddlers

    Looking for something unique and useful as a gift for a baby or toddler this Christmas? We have some fantastic gift ideas for the baby or toddler that has everything!

    Rather than the usual plastic fantastic gifts, how about being the one that starts them off on a life long passion for swimming or yoga or even singing.

    You are never too young (or too old) to start learning a life skill.

    Check out these goodies:


    1. Swimming lessons 

    It is never too early to start introducing your baby to the pool. From birth right up to pre-school, baby and toddler swim classes teach amazing life skills whilst offering plenty of skin to skin contact with your child. The UK leads the world in these specialist baby and toddler swim classes. Try our Find a Swim School search engine to find your nearest baby swim classes.


    1. Happy Nappy

    If your baby / toddler is already at swim classes, how about a new Happy Nappy for the New Year and swim term? Check out our beautiful and stylish range. A practical yet perfect Christmas gift.


    1. Baby Yoga and mat – Just like baby swimming these specialist lessons promote early cognitive development and are a wonderful way to relax with your child. Our changing mat doubles as a fantastic yoga mat making it a versatile addition to the yoga lessons.
    2. A perfect Teether Toy

    Made from all natural rubber and hand painted with food grade paint, Splash About’s Splash Pals, are perfect for teething babies in and out of the bath or pool.

    1. Baby music lessons

    Choose from so many music themed lessons available all over the country and give them the gift of music that has been proved to aid early cognitive development. Who knows you may be helping to prepare a new Mozart!

  5. Marvellous Mirrors
    Marvellous Mirrors

    If you are looking for new ways to engage your baby when you take them swimming or your youngster is having “Water wobbles” and suddenly developed a fear of lessons, one of the best distractions is a swim mirror.

    These fantastic water skill toys are sure to stop tears and certain to be chewed. In fact mirrors are incorporated into many baby swim lessons, as teachers have developed programs and songs focused on using the mirror.

    The splash Mirror spent many months in testing and development and lots of prototypes were discarded. Some were far too easily chewed leaving bits of floating foam in the water, some bent and the mirror distorted, scaring the babies when they looked at themselves (this was probably funny, but not at the time of testing) and some shapes were just too hard or too big for little hands to hold.

    Hundreds of babies and toddlers took part in our trials whilst we perfected the Splash Mirror, finally agreeing that the shape had to be interesting and offer plenty of ways to grasp it and hold it. Too round and baby couldn’t manage it, too square and they lost interest, shapes of fish and crabs also didn’t work, because they were not as durable.

    The perfect shape turned out to be our water splash shape, with lots of contoured edges to grip and chew, made from robust yet super soft EVA, which held a sturdy mirror securely in the middle and chew proof.

    We have seen lots of fantastic uses in classes for the mirror but parents have had great use out of them at home as well, using them in the bath and when they visit the pool outside of lessons. Lightweight, anti mold and quick drying its an ideal bath and swim toy.

    Available from Splash About direct or your local swim school. Happy splashing!

  6. Made for Mums
    Made for Mums

    Made for Mums reviews our Happy Nappy System, and the verdict is “The Splash About Happy Nappy System is an affordable way to relax at swimming pools, knowing leakage will be avoided.


  7. Mummies in Waiting August 2017
    Mummies in Waiting August 2017
    Mum blogger Mummies in Waiting loves our new improved Happy Nappy,

    Over all the whole system was so easy, the nappy is so pretty and I would honestly use the Happy Nappy over disposables or other reusable nappies any day”


  8. Splash into Autumn!
    Splash into Autumn!

    With the leaves beginning to turn their splendorous colours and Halloween just a few weeks away it already feels like the start of the silly season. Baby swim schools are in the full swing of things and hopefully all you new mums and dads, grandparents and babies are settling down and enjoying your swim lessons.

    It’s daunting at first coping with a slippery baby, on a slippery wet changing room floor, whilst you are wearing a costume and holding a towel in your teeth! We totally hear you! But you are probably getting the hang of it by now and beginning to pay a bit more attention to other mums and babies, especially those in the next class up.

    You purchased a Happy Nappy at the start of the term, but there seem to be lots of other options out there? You are right there are, there are many supportive swim products for babies and toddlers, below is the Splash Guide to getting the most out of autumn swimming;


    Baby Wrap – This ingenious invention opens
    out completely flat, allowing you to wrap baby
    in super soft warm neoprene in a couple of easy steps. The unique design means that even the wriggliest baby can be dressed and ready for the pool in extra quick time. The warm and supple neoprene leaves the arms and legs free to move in the water, but provides extra warmth to the body’s core, helping babies to stay warmer for longer when in the water. The added brilliance of the baby wrap is its ability to give baby some grip, giving you peace of mind when carrying baby from the pool to the changing room, or in the water during activities.



    The Happy Nappy Wetsuit – This ultimate 2 in 1 nappy and wetsuit is the envy of the changing room, combining warmth with security and giving great value for money. It’s the only item you need in your swim kit this autumn and winter.

    This unique wetsuit is approved to wear in baby swim classes, as it incorporates a Happy Nappy into the body of the suit. Manufactured from the softest neoprene and designed in a range of beautiful surface patterns, the Happy Nappy wetsuit is multi award winning for a reason.




    The Splash Mat changing mat. – It’s a tricky task changing baby at the best of times, but a swimming pool changing room has its added challenges. Many pools offer fantastic facilities, but even then with so many babies in the room it an be hard to get a change station, so the Splash Mat offers the perfect alternative. Naturally antibacterial and made from neoprene, this warm and waterproof mat is made to easily roll up and store between lessons, giving you a portable change station that is non slip and can be used on the floor, bench or changing table surface to keep baby clean and warm during change time.




    Apres Splash – It’s always chilly when you get out of the pool and even more so for babies, as they find it harder to regulate their temperature. The perfect solution is
    to get your baby wrapped up in Splash About after-swim specialist toweling.
    Made from naturally antibacterial charcoal bamboo cotton, the hooded towels provide the perfect way to dry off after swim class and the Apres Splash All in one, is fantastic for travelling back home cozy, warm and comfortable.



    Splash About products are all designed with you and your baby in mind. Have a look at our website for some of our other fantastic products, from mold resistant bath and swim toys, to costumes and safe in the sun holiday gear.  Our products are enjoyed in over 40 countries worldwide and our specialist Happy Nappy range of baby swim products, are recognized as the most effective and advanced in the world. Get in the water with Splash About.

    Changing the world one bottom at a time.

  9. Mum's Magazine
    Mum's Magazine

    Mum’s Magazine features our new improved Happy Nappy and explains it’s been redesigned for the “best protection ever against unwelcome leaks in the pool”


  10. OK Magazine September 2017
    OK Magazine September 2017

    OK Magazine features our FloatSuit in its celeb parenting supplement -  “Say goodbye to armbands and learn to swim like an A-lister in a Splash About FloatSuit. Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy loves the cute Apple Daisy design” 


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