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Winter Swimming

Posted on 14th December 2017

Swimming in the winter? Are you serious?

Yes really, I know you don’t feel much like battling the rain and wind on the way to the changing rooms from the car, but trust me you and your baby are worth it.

Although it’s tempting to stay inside and keep warm, studies show that getting out and about even in the fiercest of weather is great for body and soul. Winter can be especially hard on new mums and can isolate them from friends and family leaving them feeling lonely. Baby and toddler swimming lessons are a great way of meeting and mixing with other mums and allows babies the time to socialize with other babies. Plus getting out of the house for a few hours will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and feeling more relaxed. I promise. So if you aren’t enrolled in lessons, have a look for your local baby swim class by using our ‘Find a Swim School’ checker. Start a new hobby this winter!

There are of course other things to consider with winter swimming, even though pools are lovely and warm, it’s important that babies and toddlers don’t feel too chilly in changing rooms, where the air is cooler this time of year. We recommend wrapping up even when in the pool and have developed a range of specialist baby swimwear for even the coldest of days.



Fleecy wetsuit

This cuddly Warm In One is the perfect way for your baby to keep warm even in cooler pools. This super soft fleece lined wetsuit, is easy to get on and off and will insulate babies body, legs and arms, helping them to regulate their body temperature and enjoy the water for longer.



Happy Nappy Wetsuit

This super value wetsuit has a built in Happy Nappy that means it’s perfect for all baby swim classes. Made from super soft neoprene, the Happy Nappy Wetsuit is the choice of swim teachers and thousands of babies agree.



Baby Wrap

For chunky toddlers and slippery newborns the BabyWrap is the most versatile of wetsuits, designed to keep the core body warm, leaving maximum movement for arms and legs to kick and splash. Perfect for those most energetic little people.



Swim Hat

Not only do these hats keep little heads warm but they also serve to protect sensitive skin from chlorine.

Keeping warm after swimming, can be tricky and our range of wetsuits will continue to keep baby warm even in the chilliest of changing room whilst you get dressed. Our waterproof, antibacterial Changing Mat is great for baby to lie on and our range of Apres Splash cuddly toweling all in ones and hooded towels make dressing a much less stressful task.

Come on, get out there this winter and enjoy the benefits baby swimming brings to both of you.