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Brand New Products Spring 2021

Posted on 4th May 2021

Pack of 3 Pufferfish

It's been over a year since our babies were last in a swim class and we know how desperate you all are to get back out there socialising with your children and friends. One of the surprising things that may happen when you do get back to the pool is called “Water Wobbles” where your baby or toddler suddenly develops a fear of the pool where previously they loved it. Don't panic! it’s not only very common in young children, but it's also easy to overcome with a bit of patience and great distractions.

As part of our expanding range of baby swim toys we have introduced the Pufferfish, these come in packs of 3 and are made especially with babies and toddlers in mind. Distracting babies with a new or favourite toy is one of the best ways of combating Water Wobbles, our sensory pack of pufferfish have been designed with small hands and mouths in mind. Naturally mould resistant and little teeth proof, they are perfect for taking babies' minds off their fears, whilst you help to build their water confidence back up again. Suitable for babies as young as 10 months these floating fish are perfectly hand shaped, for throwing, bouncing, chewing, and hugging.

Swimming is a key life skill for babies and toddlers. Making the experience enjoyable, fun, and full of sensory activities is the best way to encourage a lifelong love of the water. Studies have shown that babies introduced as young as 6 weeks old build better coordination and develop faster than those who don't attend swim classes. So get back in the pool, safely, slowly, and have fun.