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10 Tips For The Perfect Pre-School Pool Party
Posted on 30th July 2014

Pool parties for young children are great fun and can help a child’s social and emotional development. Spending time with their peers is vital at this stage in life to help them develop empathy, trust and personal awareness, and the pool is an ideal place to do this. However, water has to be respected to ensure that everybody is safe. Here are 10 tips for throwing the perfect pre-school pool party.

1.       Make Sure the Pool is Clean and Suited to Children

Make sure that the pool is supervised by somebody who has the correct certification, and has depths best suited to the height of the younger children. When considering the capacity of the pool, factor in parents who may be required to swim.
Most leisure centre swimming pools do tend to be on the colder side, so do make sure you investigate the temperature of the pool you have in mind to be sure it will be suitable for children.

2.       Make Sure there is Plenty of Supervision

The more adult eyes watching the pool, the better; even adults who are not strong swimmers can help in shallow pools. Nominating just one person to supervise a group of children is not advisable, so maybe ask parents if they’d like to join in the fun.

3.       Respect the Sun

If the pool is outdoors, it’s vital that the children are protected from the sun – even in the UK! Make sure that your kids are sun’s rays, even in water! If it’s a scorching hot day outside, a wetsuit may just be too warm for your little one, so why not check out our specially designed range of sun protection clothing, found here. appropriately covered by UV clothing and sunscreen to protect their skin. Even if the sun does not feel particularly blazing, a child’s skin is more susceptible to sun damage than an adult’s.All of Splash About’s swimwear is UPF50+ protective, meaning that children will be protected from more than 98% of the sun’s rays, even in water! If it’s a scorching hot day outside, a wetsuit may just be too warm for your little one, so why not check out our specially designed range of sun protection clothing, found here.

4.       Stay Hydrated

Make sure there are plenty of fluids for children to drink at all times to protect them against dehydration. Heat and physical exertion can quickly lead to children becoming dehydrated, which can lead to illnesses. Implement regular ‘Squash Breaks’ to get all the kids out of the pool and rehydrated.

5.       Ensure the Kids are all Safe

Whether or not the children are strong swimmers for their age, you can never be too careful. Investing in good quality children’s swimming outfits and buoyancy aids can help keep children safe and ensure they have fun. At Splash About, our children’s swim aids are unobtrusive and non-restrictive, meaning that a child’s enjoyment of the pool is not scuppered and tantrums are avoided. Check out our great range of costumes, trunks, wetsuits and jackets here, and fabulous range of buoyancy aids here!

6.       Get Involved

The children will feel a lot more at ease if the adults participate and help with the games, particularly those who are yet to become completely confident in the water. Swimming is an excellent way to bond with your child and you will be able to set an example to all the children about having fun in a safe manner.Try to avoid the temptation of doing a bomb or who can hold their breath for the longest though, it’s just a recipe for disaster!

7.       Make Sure there’s Plenty of Toys to Go Around

Like any group activity including children of this age, it is important that all of the kids are engaged and stimulated at all times. If using a public pool, make sure there are enough toys for your group. Otherwise, you and the other parents are best advised to invest in a few other toys to avoid any squibbles.Make sure that a wide range of toys, from beach balls to pool noodles, so children of all tastes and interests are engaged.
Why not check out our Fings! which are super fun, safe AND educational for kiddies up to the age of 7!

8.       Have a Dry Play Area

Some of the children may not be too enamoured with the idea of playing in the pool or may tire of the water partway through. It is important that such children still have stimulation and can feel a part of the fun, so the development of a dry play area is important. A small sandy area with buckets and spades can be ideal for children who don’t want to swim anymore.

9.       Supply Simple Snacks

Many of the children will be too excited and stimulated to sit down for lunch partway through a pool party, and waste valuable swim time. Offer all the kids simple snacks such as grapes, apple slices and tangerines whilst they are having a Squash Break. This can help keep them energised and invigorated.
Often, many leisure centres run specific pool parties that include a kiddie’s meal post-swim, so maybe best asking if there are any offers such as this available.

10.   Make it a Regular Thing

Kids thrive on routines and the more times they do something, the more comfortable they will feel. Making the pre-school pool party a regular feature can quickly help them grow more accustomed to water and help them develop friendships with more of their peers.

If you’re arranging a pool party for your kids this summer, take a look at our extensive range of swimwear products suitable for children up to the age of 6.