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  1. Our Planet & Social Responsibilities

    Our Planet Splash About is committed to decreasing our impact on our environment, including our carbon footprint and to decreasing our use of non recyclable materials by using as little packaging as possible. Our goal is to ship 99% of our products “naked” with no packaging at all by the end of 2021. We are also committed to extending our...
  2. Perfect Christmas Presents for Babies & Toddlers 2020

    Perfect Christmas Presents for Babies & Toddlers 2020
    Christmas is just around the corner and we are sure your mind is already on what to buy for those special little people in your life. It can be so easy to panic buy especially with this limited time and even more so when it comes to getting the smaller pieces for the stocking but we have some rather useful...
  3. Pools are re-opening after Lockdown 2

    Pools are re-opening after Lockdown 2
    It didn’t feel that long ago when we were celebrating swimming pools reopening after Lockdown 1.0 and here we are repeating all of it again. It’s certainly been a tough year if you are an avid swimmer, if you use it to stress relieve, for mental health purposes, for physical health or for your children to learn but thankfully, this...
  4. A guide to Kids' Swimming Goggles

    A guide to Kids' Swimming Goggles
    One of the key things that a baby is taught during their first swimming lessons is to go underwater and to safely bring themselves back up to the surface. For a younger baby, this can come very naturally due to the fact that they have a responsive ability to hold their breath underwater in order to protect their airways. As...
  5. Goggles Galore

    Goggles Galore
    Goggles are one of the most important items in a swim kit. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer or a fairweather splasher, goggles will provide many benefits. In children, this benefit is undoubtedly protection from the harsh chemicals in the swimming pool water. Chlorine has a knack of stinging eyes even after you have come out of the pool. Wearing...
  6. Why We Must Save Our Swimming Pools

    Why We Must Save Our Swimming Pools
    Within the swimming industry, baby swimming is a niche sector, set up through necessity and now a core part of new parents’ baby activities. Over 150,000 babies a week take part in formal baby swim classes and many thousands more attend informally with a parent or their family.  Getting babies and pre school age children to become accustomed to water...
  7. Just Keep Swimming : The Pools Are Re-Opening!

    Just Keep Swimming : The Pools Are Re-Opening!
    After four months of closure, we are absolutely over the moon to be able to report that swimming will be able to make a comeback this summer! From 11th July outdoor pools have been given the green light to reopen and as of 25th July indoor pools will also follow suit. As with all currently open venues, there will be...
  8. Face Masks

    Face Masks
    At Splash About safety and quality has always been a vital part of our product offering. It’s something we are very proud of and something that became even more important at the start of the COVID19 outbreak in the UK. Like many businesses we have extensive offices and a busy warehouse and we were anxious to keep everyone as safe...
  9. Make your own Easter Garland

    Make your own Easter Garland
    With Easter around the corner and during lockdown we want to help you keep the little ones entertained. We have designed a beautiful easter garland which is simple to make and with limited resources needed. Simply print this sheet and allow your little ones to design and colour each egg, then cut around each egg and make a hole through...
  10. Kids Quarantine Quiz

    Kids Quarantine Quiz
    Disney Round What is the name of Minnie Mouse’s pet cat?Answer: Figaro  What is the name of Peter Pan’s fairy friend?Answer: Tinkerbell Who is Ariel’s fishy friend in “The Little Mermaid”?Answer: Flounder  In the song “Let it Go” What does Elsa say “never bothered me anyway”?Answer: The cold In Aladdin, what is Jasmine’s pet tiger called?Answer: Rajah Books Round What...

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