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Starting swim lessons with your baby? Why you have been asked to buy a Happy Nappy.

Starting swim lessons with your baby? Why you have been asked to buy a Happy Nappy.

This week is not only back to school for children but it’s also the start of the new term for baby swim classes and if you have taken the plunge and booked into a local class you will have been asked to wear a Happy Nappy.

hnbp both

In the UK 99% of all swim schools insist on this item being worn before babies can enter the water. In fact the British Standards of baby swimming say that wearing a double nappy system consisting of an under nappy (either disposable or reusable) with a well fitting neoprene over nappy is best practice baby swim classes.

BSI 2It is “possible” that your baby will pass a motion during a swim class. It is vital that this is retained in the nappy. The Happy Nappy provides the best leak proof protection on the market. The Happy Nappy was invented to be the very best protection against faecal matter leaking into the surrounding pool water.4.7Leak free lessons are exceptionally important, not only to your swim teacher and school as pool closures can be expensive and result in a lot of downtime, but also to the safety of all pool users including you and your baby. Cryptosporidium outbreaks can cause severe illness , which is why the Happy Nappy really is the most vutal part of your swim kit.

This year Splash About has introduced the new Improved Happy Nappy, which you will see in class. Improvements have been made to ensure that the happy nappy remains snugly in place, during even the most vigorous of pool activities. In addition to the new ergonomic shape, we have also introduced a new range of bright and stylish new surface patterns.

Happy nappy diagramBaby swimming is a wonderful chance to bond with baby, providing early water experiences and helping with cognitive development, but it also needs to be clean and safe for you and for everyone else. That’s why you have been asked to buy a Happy Nappy.

Happy Swimming

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