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Splash About is thrilled with its awards success this year especially the accolades for Fings. This wonderful swim aid launched in 2013 and has left the competition standing.

Not only has it won the ‘Best Swim Aid’ product award from Loved By Parents but it also took silver in the overall ‘Best Swim Product’, which is fantastic news because it’s mums and dads that have the final vote on this hugely popular parenting channel!

Fings also scooped a Gold award from BizzieBaby - where all kids products are tried and tested by parents and only the best are given the gold seal of approval.

This totally unique and patented swim aid was designed in the lab at Splash About after a number of requests for something a bit different to woggles and kick boards. Both STA and ASA qualified swim teachers had often complained to us that existing swim aids, toys and teaching equipment, including arm bands and float belts, did not position children in the water in a natural way, which made teaching with and then without them quite a challenge. Splash About does like a challenge though!

Fings was the result of two years development - a cross between wings and fins - designed to be used in a number of fun and educational ways.
For swim schools, being able to lift the child’s chest slightly whilst enabling full movement of their arms and shoulders allows the child to be positioned in the water in the most natural way. This means that when the Fings are removed the child is still able to swim as they did with it in place. Fings has been a revolution to these schools.

Fings was developed in three sizes; small for babies, medium for toddlers and for children up to about 8 years the large Fing is recommended.  Splash About now has a dedicated fan base in some of the largest teaching schools and franchises in the country.


Bizzie Baby review 4.8/5 stars: 

 “Looked unusual, never seen anything like this before. Very colourful. Good quality packaging and well protected in the post. Instructions clear and simple to follow. These are definitely made to a very high standard. Until we received these to review Alex was used to arm bands. Alex loved using these and really did boost his confidence in the water. We started of using the Fings and helping Alex to swim in the water and in no time he was splashing about and formulating swimming strokes with ease. I personally found these gave Alex better support in the water compared to his arm bands. Love the design of these and colours are great as really appeal to children. We are converts and Fings for us from now on. I did feel they were a bit expensive but now we have used these well worth the investment. I would purchase more. Have recommended to our swimming class teacher. These were easy to use, gave Alex more confidence in the water and he loved them.” Lyndsey Rancey – Alex 3Years  

For leisure centres and local council run pools, Fings has proved to be a successful pool side toy, in addition to the normal woggles and kick boards. Children have had fun experimenting with all the ways a Fing can be used, from riding it like a whale to floating on their backs and using it as a pillow. We’ve even seen a few water fights!

For parents, Fings has become an essential extra in the swim kit, for them to use when teaching their kids how to float and then swim from an early age, without relying on swim schools or swimming weekly through their primary schools. With drowning accidents occurring every year, especially in the summer holidays, it’s more important than ever to make our children safe in the water. Float suits, float jackets and arm bands all play their part in preventing water accidents, but when its time for independent swimming Fings is the award winning choice.

Internationally, Fings has been enthusiastically embraced by Swim schools from Poland to the USA. Our newest distributors in Thailand, Greece and Canada are all thrilled with how well the Fings have sold into their own swim schools, leisure centres and retail outlets.


Well done Fings and long may you be successfully part of British and Global swimming for many more years to come. More awards please and what about an outing on This Morning with Phil and Holly?

Fantastic fings

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